This group of high-speed youth is amazing!Integrate “industrial and mining spirit” into the blood of a strong enterprise

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Hunan Expressway from “line” to “network”, efficient operation, careful and busy, but orderly, behind this embodies the many high-speed craftsmen work day and night, strive for perfection.The artisans on the Hunan expressway not only have experienced “forewave”, but also young up-and-comers who dare to innovate and surpass, setting off “afterwave” belonging to their craftsman spirit in the new era.In the mountains, they rise to the challenge and make the natural valley become a thoroughfare;Starlight night, they patrol rescue, painting is the most beautiful figure;Party flag flying, they “epidemic” to no front, guard the company by way home……Hunan Expressway (ID: HNGSGL) special column “Young Strong Enterprises”, gathering the typical deeds of high-speed youth, hunan expressway youth interpretation of integrity, innovation, dedication spirit of responsibility.Today, we approached the youth power of Loudi Branch of Hunan High-speed Group — the staff of Jiangnan Central Station department of Cold Water.Lengshuijiang city is located in the hinterland of central Hunan, along the Zishui River. It is an emerging city with more than 120 years of industrial civilization, enjoying the reputation of “antimony capital of the world”, “Jiangnan Coal Sea” and “Town of non-ferrous metals”.All this is because of a century-old tin mine covered by green vegetation.Xikmine is the location of the first branch of the Communist Party of China in Hunan and one of the three workers’ movement centers in Hunan province. The “spirit of industry and mining” derived from here has been shining on everyone in this city for hundreds of years.Cold water Jiangnan Central Station.In lengshuijiang city jiangnan center gate, cold water, there is a team, their average age is less than 35 years old, to choose their own youth and dream rooted at the foot of the land, and in the path of change and status quo in the spirit of the industrial and mining, in the right and wrong in attempts to reform the community back to life, under the ordinary and extraordinary dialectical lit charge the light of the window.In the team of Jiangnan Central Station of Loudi Branch of Hunan High-speed Group, there are toll collectors born after 2000 who inherit the spirit of tin Mining mountain since childhood, and those born after 1990 who take off their military uniforms and walk into the highway, as well as the charge squad leaders who put out fires and relieve trapped people regardless of personal danger…They gather together from different places, light up others, adhere to the pursuit of excellence, dare to think and create, willing to contribute to the spirit of mining and craftsman, service for the company, will devote their youth to this.With the joint efforts of all the staff, Jiangnan Central Station of Cold Water has won the honors of “Model Worker Home” of Hunan Provincial Department of Transportation, “Standardized Maternal and child Care Room” of Hunan Provincial Transportation Union, Excellent Party organization of Loudi Branch, Advanced Unit of Spring Festival Transportation Quality Service and so on.Cold water Jiangnan Central station won the honorary group photo.Due to its location at the south gate of “Antimony Capital”, there are more trucks in and out of the station, so the pressure of keeping free is larger.Since 2020, Cold Water Jiangnan Central Station has officially opened the method of “two nods, five fingers together, knowing smile” to welcome every passerby, and strives to build a toll team of “vitality”, “endeavor”, “charm” and “ability”.Every toll collector in Cold Water Jiangnan knows: to smile, to be patient, to be careful, to be happy, gentle mood to transfer to the company.They actively learn new policies and regulations, and carefully communicate with the company to get understanding.Based on daily policy publicity and implementation, combined with road, local and police multi-party linkage, 986 vehicles over limit and overload were brought back in total, and the return rate of vehicles over limit at highway entrance reached 100%.Crews helped truck drivers put out the fire.”I didn’t know there was a fire, but thanks to your careful observation and help me put it out, otherwise there would have been terrible consequences!”On the afternoon of June 12, 2021, a six-axle trailer with Xiang K license plate was waiting in line for payment in the mixed lane at the exit of the station. The toll collector who was on patrol suddenly found white smoke coming out of the front tire of the trailer.Aware of the abnormality, the toll collector quickly carefully check the vehicle, and use the fire extinguisher to quickly control the fire, a series of skilled actions to eliminate the hidden danger in the bud.With great love, they walked out of the booth full of “sweetness” in the hearts of the passengers and the masses. All the staff of Cold Water Jiangnan Central Station, with great love, kept adding “sweetness” to the passengers and the masses.In August 2021, a bus from Sichuan to Zhejiang suddenly broke down at K93+050 in the east direction of S70 Lou New Expressway and could not continue running. It was towed to the square outside cold Water Jiangnan Central Station by the rescue vehicle.Fifty-one passengers were stranded, including many elderly people, pregnant women and children.That the vehicle maintenance needs a long time, the mood of some passengers on the bus gradually anxious, excited, some passengers get off the outside square “chat” “walk”.The staff delivers instant noodles and other materials for the company.Cold Water Gangnam Center station immediately took measures to guide passengers stranded in the inner square to meeting rooms and offices for rest, and provided passengers with instant noodles, drinking water and anti-heat supplies (Huoxiang Zhengqi water, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle).Under their careful pacification, the stranded 51 passengers and company staff mood gradually stabilized, tired faces smiling.They can not help but sigh: “high-speed people send warm, send service, have you good, thank you!”Jiangnan center in 2021, the cold water will study party history education actively results into an inexhaustible power to serve their organization staff to carry out the “love road, road in activity, further promote” to protect the green spring and summer cool and refreshing, autumn student, warmer winters action “four seasons volunteer service, goes into the surrounding difficult home life supplies.They work together on holidays and special nodes to provide information consultation, free medicine, emergency car repair and other services for more than 580 hours, many times to deal with the company in distress, on-site fire and other special situations, really do practical things for the masses, solve problems.With the continuous reform of the expressway industry, the requirements of enterprises for talents are also constantly upgrading.This team of workers who are good at learning also temper themselves and improve themselves accordingly.At the end of 2020, jiangnan Central Station in Cold Water set up a “knowledge-based multi-functional room” and purchased books of different types to encourage employees to carry out activities, study and discuss in their spare time.Through self-study efforts in the past two years, 2 employees of Cold Water Jiangnan Central Station were rated as assistant political engineer, 2 employees were rated as primary engineer and intermediate engineer respectively, and 1 employee successfully obtained the legal professional qualification certificate.Staff reading activities.In 2021, Hunan Expressway will continue to strengthen the promotion of ETC, carry out ETC convenient service, and help the masses to travel intelligently. More and more car owners choose to use automatic ETC system, which not only saves time and is convenient, but also greatly improves traffic efficiency.Cold water Jiangnan Toll Station vigorously carried out the assessment and evaluation activities of “model team” and “mobile red flag”, and included the promotion and issuance of ETC into the key content of the catch-up and evaluation of the station and the department.According to the actual situation of the station and staff, reasonable development of promotion goals.From waiting for customers to come to the door, to actively “going out” to handle for customers, and then to carry out “carpet” publicity in parking lots, bazaars and steel plants with relatively dense vehicles, the circulation of ETC has been rising every month, and finally the annual ETC issuance task has been overfulfilled in advance.We should quench our youth in business work and stimulate our vitality in group activities.Cold water Jiangnan toll station actively organize staff to carry out quality development activities, such as staff basketball game, kitchen god competition, leading young staff to work together, and strive for success, to show high-speed youth style.Carry out activities to improve the quality of staff.”When young, live up to youth and know.”Today, Cold water River Ximine from the “grey robe” changed into “green”.In the process of constant change and growth, the staff team of Cold Water Jiangnan Central Station constantly adhere to the high-speed youth characteristics of persistence, dedication, vitality and transcendence on this red hot land, adding the color of youth to this city that has gone through a hundred years of wind and frost.