The experience is better than the cinema!People who tried this car were impressed

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Dreamy date days seem only to be seen in the movies — cavernous drive-ins where the open trunk becomes a makeshift sofa, long strings of lights shine with warm light, and starlight is the messenger of love — light years across the face of a loved one.But such a beautiful scene is also very test “right place at the right time”, the domestic drive-in cinema is few and far between.Is there a romantic and private way to watch movies that will make every Valentine’s Day with your partner even more romantic?This question, the new generation jetway X90 has long had the answer.Immersive cinema central control design, two 12.3-inch screen, is your exclusive “movie projectionist”;With 36 decibel quiet watching cabin, story sky atmosphere lamp, AND N95 healthy watching environment, you and YOUR TA can enjoy a truly “immersive watching experience” without any other interference except for the flow of love between each other.Advanced fine leather seats + front seats free stretch large space, more comfortable than ordinary cinema seats;1.1m2 panoramic skylight with super wide Angle and huge screen, look up at the starry sky at any time during the movie viewing, and let the constant starlight witness your happy love.\ In addition to “the world of two”, the new generation Jetway X90 carefully considers the practical application in the whole family scenario.Equipped with 2.21m super “big bed room”, 6 seats 1+1 seat layout, 5/6/7 seats optional combination layout, free hidden third-row seats, ample space and seat layout, fully meet the needs of family reunion, family travel “family fun” type movie-watching, “cinema class SUV” worthy of the name.Movie is art, as the “cinema level large SUV” of the new generation Jietu X90 itself is also a work of art — the front face adopts the “Hui City leader” family language design, with black horizontal water ripple style front grille, the vehicle style is more youthful.The bright strip in the area of the daily running light is upturned to complement the geshan headlight, and the dot matrix daily running light increases the sense of science and technology of the vehicle.In fact, the new generation jetu X90’s “sense of science and technology” is more used in the security of you and your family — 9.3 generation Bosch ESP body stability control system, 38 meters 100 km braking distance, to help you drive stably;360° HD panoramic parking, driving record function, lane departure warning, blind zone monitoring, to ensure your safety when driving and parking;255/45R20 super size tires ensure driving stability and safety.The event will run from March 28, 2022 to March 31, 2022