Heavy snow broke branches to block travel early morning bus people for the people escort

2022-07-21 0 By

On February 7, the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday, wuhan saw the first snow of 2022. Although the snow was beautiful, it also brought a lot of inconvenience to travel.In the early morning of July 7, a bus crew carried a tree with their bare hands while exploring the road to ensure the smooth operation of buses.Heavy snow, Wuhan public transport Group Jiangxia company fully launched the “second winter and Spring transport emergency plan”.7, at 4, 903, 908, the team immediately established a by line managers, supervisors “gating unit”, in front of the line class fanned out to long island, wild zhi lake bridge, hidden dragon bridge such as frozen sections, field survey and road conditions, WeChat real-time work in group of exchange information, vehicle safety and on time to ensure that the first class.903 line long zhao to loosen the private car, led the team leader, security officer a line to jiangxia avenue in pavement survey along the way, when the former house bay road to the jiangxia avenue, found a big tree branches road tamed by heavy snow, seriously affect the normal traffic roads, Zhao Song and others immediately get off, a look at the long branches stout, 1 to discuss with you to the moving front,Move between two people and 2 people moved back, when Zhao Song Shouting: “the 123 move, up and down,” repeated slogans, after all together, after 20 minutes will finally broken branches to move out to the road side, by this time everyone’s hands had frozen stiff, cold water mixed with sweat assault wet their clothes, vehicles have horns beckoned thanks!Looking at the smooth road surface, Zhao Song quickly reported the road surface news in the working group: “The road surface of Renjiawan has returned to normal without snow”.At this point, people take a deep breath, start the vehicle to continue to explore the road.