Petrochemical street: Hold the first collective clean government talk in 2022

2022-07-20 0 By

On February 23 afternoon, petrochemical streets JiGongWei supervisory do a honest conversation, street party working committee, secretary of the JiGongWei, director of the inspector general Wang Aijun to attend the meeting and delivered a speech, street new organs, lift, post adjustment career middle-level cadres and party secretary general gives new residential areas, a total of 23 comrades to attend the meeting.Wang Aijun request work concentrates on two aspects: one is awake to know the current situation of the anti-corruption is the wind’s age, the key areas and crucial links curing strength continues to strengthen, must always keep a clear mind, must not take any chances, in the mind your own at the same time, to ensure that the following staff to perform “a pair of responsibilities”;The second is to be honest and honest to work for the department and the individual when the risk of clean government, do a good job of the department and individual clean government risk analysis, correctly set up the awareness of being supervised, deepen the strict and detailed work style, to make new contributions to the new atmosphere, new responsibilities and new actions.At the meeting, participants watched a warning educational video titled “Silverfish around the Masses” and distributed a book titled “Anti-corruption Reminder.”