Fuzhou Luozhou four river governance is basically completed to string together five landscape nodes

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According to Fuzhou Daily, the reporter learned from fuzhou Urban and Rural Construction Bureau on 25th, as a provincial and municipal key project and fuzhou city quality improvement important project, after more than a year of hard work, the luozhou four rivers comprehensive control project has been basically completed, two months ahead of the original schedule.The four branches of luozhou river after upgrading.Reporter Ye Yibin/Photo 25, the reporter came to the luozhou four branch river scene beside the luozhou new town, spacious river winding forward.It’s hard to remember what it used to look like unless you have a picture of it on your phone.”It’s black, smelly, badly silted and only two to five metres wide.”Fuzhou Urban and rural Construction General manager of the project Lin Wenbin recalled that in October 2020, when the construction site, to the river to the “deterioration”, has become a top priority of the project department.With multiple hook machines and multi-point operations, the dredging of the dry pond was in full swing, and 55,000 cubic meters of silt were removed from the river.In the face of previously blocked and covered 3 sections of the “dark river”, a “open cover action” also sounded the horn.Lin Wenbin said, in order to realize the river in the people, they combined with the relocation along the river, according to the river regulation planning, little by little completed 125,000 cubic meters of earthwork excavation, open the river “intestinal obstruction”.The 650-meter-long “Dark River” has also made a comeback.In addition, the widening of small river gully is fully carried out, and the unified upgrade is 24 meters, which fully meets the needs of river flood discharge.2.6km sewage pipe intercepting, 1.8km revetment masonry……A little bit of long, wide, smooth luozhou four rivers, in the realization of sewage does not enter the river at the same time, and a river and luozhou river smoothly “hand in hand”.In order to build a city riverside ecological landscape corridor for ecological leisure, luozhou four rivers created five landscape nodes.In addition to the three parks with the theme of pro-terrace, there is one park with the theme of ancient banyan tree and one park with the theme of children’s playground.The two water-friendly theme parks also have standard basketball courts.In the area water system map, the reporter saw that the Luozhou river and luozhou a river was inverted U-shaped contact, sandwiched in the middle of the two river Luozhou four rivers, is a “special existence”.”Its all-round ‘operation’ brings not only the unimpeded flow of the river itself, but also the overall series of water network in the area, which accelerates the ‘microcirculation’ of water veins in luozhou area and effectively improves the area’s waterlogging prevention capacity.”Lin Wenbin said.From the whole luozhou area water system, luozhou a river upstream for the Emperor Feng Jiang, Emperor Feng Jiang and Wulongjiang intersection, and luozhou River downstream and Wulongjiang connected, through the four luozhou river luozhou a river and luozhou river series channel, equivalent to string up the river “hand in hand” bond.With the help of river water, the water interaction between the rivers becomes more active. Such a “major circulation” of water system can meet the function of flood discharge and drainage and protect the water quality at the same time, so that the beautiful scenery of water movement is permanent.