Baode bus station across the county and district services began today

2022-07-19 0 By

February 3, the reporter learned from the Baode bus station, from the third day of the first month, most of the county across the district frequency began to operate.It is understood that from the third day of the first lunar month, baode to Taiyuan, Xinzhou, Hequ, Xingxian, Wuzhai, Shuozhou, Kelan class line trains have started operation.From the 6th day of January, all flights will resume normal operation.In order to facilitate the majority of passengers to buy tickets to ride, Baode County bus station prepared enough, optimize the capacity, and according to the change of passenger sources to increase the frequency in a timely manner, in order to meet the needs of passengers.Passengers are required to carry their ID cards, wear masks, scan the code, check the temperature and register to buy tickets.In order to ease the traffic pressure, it is suggested that passengers plan to buy tickets in advance and travel at different peak times.