With professional guidance and planning, M was successfully admitted to The University of Canterbury

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Student Profile: Name: M Student Gender: Male Education Level: Senior High School GPA: 88 Admission Information: Admitted Major: Engineering Admitted Institution: University of CanterburyM, a senior high school student in China, is very interested in engineering and hopes to study in New Zealand for an undergraduate degree in engineering. He hopes to apply as soon as possible.Based on his situation, I recommended M to the international freshman course of The University of Canterbury, and he could enter the sophomore course after successfully completing the course.Under our guidance, M prepared the materials and submitted them to the school, and soon got the admission notice.Comments: M has a very clear goal, which is to study engineering in New Zealand and become an excellent engineer.The engineering major of The University of Canterbury is world-renowned. You can directly apply for admission to the international first-year courses after graduation from the third year of high school, of course, you need to meet the corresponding language requirements.After successful completion of the course, you can directly connect to the undergraduate sophomore course.That’s a year shorter than the prep school.