“The rest of my life, ask for your advice” Gu Wei vs Lin school, she is his life’s luck, the rest of his life two companions

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Hello everyone, meet you again!We all know that there are many kinds of novels: ancient words, now words, quick wear, youth, campus…But in the process of chasing books will also appear the phenomenon of book shortage, so this small edition to recommend you a few super good-looking novels.Don’t miss it!This period recommend: “the rest of life, ask for more advice” gu Wei vs Lin of the school, she is the lucky of his whole life, the rest of life two accompany first “with bamboo horse mutual hold up daily” author: fold ear to listen to sound introduction: when young, Cheng Anan: Chen Yi 崡, like me bad?Chen Yi 崡 : one meter eighty-five and one meter fifty-eight some don’t take, otherwise you grow taller point, I consider.Grow up, Chen Yi 崡 : Cheng Anan, promise me to marry you.Cheng anan: President and Cinderella…Terrier too old wonderful content: Cheng Anan know Chen Yi 崡 tone recently quite heavy, but now this, rather also a little heavy over the head, heart acid is very.”You mean, if I was bullied, you would just look at me and not help me?”She could not think of it too far, but even thinking of it, she did not want to accept why the distance between them would become more and more far.”Chen Yi 崡, do you hate me so now?””You idiot!Rare!!!Chen Yi 崡 explosion export, in the streets, refuted cheng Anan’s words.Cheng Anan was he scolded full of grievances, do not like to cry her, recently this is several times the popularity of the cry.”Chen yi 崡, this man, you really cold and heartless, also is very arrogant, I thought we two years of feelings is still there, but now, it seems, is all my wishful thinking, you don’t care we feelings for so many years, I’m an idiot, I’m an idiot at the very least, I take you as relatives, how about you, in addition to teach me, abandon me, what else?”Cheng Anan tears recently is too cheap, Chen Yi 崡 looked at the subconscious want to erase, but was cheng Anan hand ruthlessly knocked off.The second “the rest of my life, ask for more advice” author: Berlin stonemason “the rest of my life, ask for more advice” Gu Wei vs Lin Zhi school, she is the luck of his life, the rest of my life two companions introduction: once thought, oneself all this life can not wait for — the world is so big, I walk so slowly, if do not meet beloved person to do?As early as “more than three billion men in the world, China’s seven hundred million men, there are no fangcao in the world” rampant years.Highlights: In the evening, she lived in the 33rd dormitory. Her school was very close to the school where I took the second test.Wash bath wipe hair, return a head to see the ponder of 33 31 face: “girl, how do I suddenly feel, you have a kind of ‘just under brow but top heart of’ tone tone?””Please take out your integrity of science students, do not drop the book bag.””So, Dr. Koo, when are you going to do it?””…You’d better go on reciting ancient poems.”Don’t expect to find any reserve in this woman.”Know you, elder sister just took your mobile phone to send him a message.””What?!”I fumbled through my phone and found a “Do you have a girlfriend?Lying naked in the mail box.Make friends carelessly!Absolutely make friends carelessly!!I wanted to hit the wall: “Wayan!I have a second interview tomorrow!Can’t you give me a good state of mind?!””Good spirits are common, but good men are rare.Little comrade fight hard, fight hard.”SAN SAN grabbed the towel and floated into the bathroom.The third “national school grass is a girl” author: Zhan Seven little introduction: on the surface she is a loser.In fact, she is the favorite of the gods.Dress up as a man, bully game, when people know “he” is a girl, the whole people boiling!Thin nine: “Qin dashen, have girl friend?”Qin Mo put down his notebook: “No.”COCO listened to the mouth of the rabbit a loose: “this, so fierce?”‘Of course!The fat man said excitedly, ‘You have no idea what this means.Can do this step of the people, at least in the domestic hacker group ranking top three!!However, there is a point is strange, today’s hackers will have their own dedicated to attack the notebook, but he uses the host is in the Internet cafe!This style is the Z of spades!”Qin Mo listened to these things, and there is no expression, legs, leaning back, eyebrows half pick, just like an ancient emperor, precious lazy: “So?Which Internet cafe does he use?”Fat man one, cough two: “fictitious IP is too much, tens of millions at the same time search what thing, return all used cover method, I, I check not come out.”Smell speech, Qin Mo’s eye cold son go down.Fatty immediately way: “Qin zong, this spade Z is really very fierce!I’m afraid I’m no match for him.”As soon as he finished, COCO began to pull the fat man’s sleeve, let him hurriedly shut up!Can’t you see the captain’s still upset about getting played?!This is the end of the recommendation, what do you think?Pay attention to small make up don’t get lost, if you like can also leave a message in the comment area!Share ~ ~ past wonderful discussion: colourful pressure Mr Joe black moonlight, butyl ink the political article 9.8 super amazing, swiping e-sports sweet: don’t be bored with “e-sports great god has a crush on me” disguised as men, both games, two-way has a crush on the super sweet blowing up a Beijing flavour “he is delusion,” the gao gan wen, also the kite vs WeiChi, plot super hot.”Almighty big guy can A sweet” she came back from the countryside to take over the king, vest fell, stunned everyone “Head and auxiliary Concubine has space” Lu Jiao wear books became four small villain malicious niang, the future head and auxiliary wife