The cause of this accident is something we usually ignore!How much do you remember from driving school

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Except for road traffic signs in the daily traffic road traffic lines seem to be easily ignored by the driver carelessly pressure on it is prohibited to fine lines, scoring matter small accidents, life-threatening matter big on January 23, 2022 morning, the weekend jiao driving cars along the Du Qiao linhai city, zhejiang province town, 225 provincial highway from south to north to Du Qiao xikou primary school beside the road,Because of the violation of the forbidden line, and the collision of the electric bicycle driven by Zhou Mou ping, causing Zhou Mou ping injured, two different degrees of damage to the traffic accident.In this accident, the car overtaking due to the violation of the forbidden line is the root cause of the accident, take full responsibility for the accident;Electric bikes are not responsible.So the question is whether you are an experienced driver or a novice driver how much do you remember what you learned in driving school?Can it be accurately identified when encountering a “forbidden class” line?Central single yellow line The central single yellow line is used to prevent both parties from crossing or crossing the traffic line.It is generally applied to roads with only one lane or one motor lane and one non-motor lane in one direction, as well as roads where overtaking is prohibited due to other dangers.2 Roadside single yellow solid line edge single yellow solid line is drawn on the side of the road or kerb, here is not allowed to park vehicles oh.3 Central Double yellow Lines Double yellow lines are generally applied on roads with two or more lanes in one direction and no physical central divider. It is forbidden for both parties to cross the line or run under the line.4 Center yellow Dotted line The center yellow dotted line indicates that overtaking or turning is forbidden on one side of the solid line, and permitting overtaking or turning on the other side of the dotted line.White solid line White solid line is used to distinguish different lanes in the same direction. The white solid line at the intersection is equivalent to the isolation guardrail, and the crossing and compaction line of vehicles are illegal.6 Center White Dotted line The dotted line in the center of the white dotted line allows vehicles to cross, while the dotted line prohibits vehicles from crossing.7 Diversion line Diversion line means that the vehicle must drive in the corresponding lane according to the diversion line. It is not allowed to run over the line or run over the line, nor can it stop.8 Yellow net no Stop line The yellow net no stop line prohibits temporary or long-term parking of vehicles, when there is a vehicle in front of the yellow net line stop, behind the vehicle should wait outside the yellow net line, until confirm that there is enough space in front of the yellow net line for the vehicle to stop, before crossing the yellow net line.Traffic police remind according to the relevant provisions of “Zhejiang Province implementation of road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” and “Motor Vehicle driving License application and Use regulations”, driving a motor vehicle in violation of prohibited line marking instructions, a fine of 100 yuan, 3 points.Source: Taizhou traffic police