Liaoning Court vigorously promotes the transformation of educational rectification achievements

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“Where do the people’s sense of happiness and gain come from, is from countless ‘Teng Qigang’ love and dedication, justice for the people!”On December 20, 2021, liaoning Provincial Committee of Politics and Law held a report on teng Qigang’s advanced deeds.Yan Jiaqi, a representative of liaoning Provincial People’s Congress and a teacher of Shenyang No. 120 Middle School, said that Judge Teng Qigang was a typical representative of outstanding Communist party members with “people in his eyes, responsibility on his shoulders and career in his heart”.Since the second round of educational rectification of political and legal personnel was carried out, Liaoning courts have vigorously promoted exemplary spirit, used institutional thinking to strengthen weak links, plug loopholes, and consolidate the foundation.The Higher People’s Court of Liaoning province has formulated and completed 41 rules and regulations of various types, and the system of “vertical to the bottom and horizontal to the edge” has taken initial shape.”The mediation rate is at the level of warning” “We should promote the reform of the separation mechanism of complex and simple” “The judgment documents are not rational, readable and of low quality”…On August 1, 2021, Liaoning High People’s Court held a face-to-face appraisal meeting on the quality and effectiveness of trials.The presidents of anshan, Benxi, Yingkou and Liaoyang intermediate people’s courts took the trial quality and efficiency report of the first half of the year to check deficiencies, analyze causes and propose countermeasures, while the leaders of Liaoning High Court helped to analyze and judge the root causes of problems and find the best breakthrough based on the actual situation of the work of local courts.The council of liaoning High People’s Court is an epitome of how liaoning High People’s Court has improved the quality and efficiency of case trials.Liaoning education since the consolidation, the Supreme Court for “the liaoning province higher people’s court” face to face trial mass effect “implementing measures (try out)” and “the liaoning province higher people’s court on strengthening large data analysis to work several provisions (trial)”, which is based on judicial to big data analysis, timely detection, scientific analysis affects the lower court trial quality, and the effect of the short board weaknesses,The two systems, like the two wheels of a car and the two wings of a bird, make two-way efforts with the “iron cage of system” and the “iron cage of data” to improve the level of refinement of trial management.It is reported that in 2021, liaoning’s higher courts carried out “trial quality and efficiency face-to-face” 18 times for the lower courts, to study and judge the problems existing in the trial quality and efficiency of the third level courts point-to-point, realizing the closed-loop management of the whole process of notification of rectification, follow-up supervision, effect feedback and experience summary.In addition to the combination of responsibility and supervision, Liaoning High Court also made a “combination of measures” to improve the supervision system of judicial power and boost the quality and efficiency of trials:It issued the Implementation Rules for the Opinions on Further Strengthening Daily Supervision and Management and Strictly Implementing the “Three Provisions” on Preventing Interference in The Administration of Justice, notified the units with “zero report” 10 times, and interviewed the president of a basic court whose records and reports were not timely;Revised “Implementation Measures on the Implementation of Anti-corruption Risk Prevention and Control Mechanism Construction”, summarized and sorted out 92 anti-corruption risk points and 47 prevention and control measures of court staff;The Guidelines on the Norms of The Exercise of Judicial Power were issued to clarify the norms of conduct for the performance of duties and draw up red lines for the performance of duties.It issued the Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Construction of the Judicial Power Restriction and Supervision System, and clarified the goals and specific tasks of promoting the systematic, standardized and intelligent construction of the judicial power restriction and supervision mechanism, so as to ensure the full coverage of the internal restriction and supervision of judicial power.How effective the system is, the data speak for themselves.In 2021, liaoning courts accepted more than 1.35 million cases and concluded more than 1.22 million cases, up 22.8% and 16.4% year on year respectively. The quality and efficiency of trials are stable and improving. The rate of case closure within the trial limit and the rate of first instance verdict acceptance and appeal appeal are both rising year on year, showing the overall effectiveness of the system is becoming more prominent.Branches and leaves related to the people’s livelihood of the department – stick the people do civil, so that the masses get a sense of success is more sufficient to the effectiveness of the court’s work?It is up to the people to judge.During the period of education rectification, liaoning court carried out the practical activities of “I do practical things for the masses”, and made every effort to solve the urgent problems of the masses.”It was so convenient to have a refund of costs automatically paid into my account just five days after receiving the judgment in my favour.”Recently, the party Mr. Wang after receiving a refund, repeatedly to dalian intermediate people’s court judge expressed gratitude.There is no need to take the initiative to apply for, there is no need to be on the scene for refund, this convenience benefits from the dalian two-level court in 2021 officially online “before the closure of the initiative to withdraw costs” functional module, that is, the judge before the closure of the initiative to initiate the costs of litigation operation process, to ensure that the costs of litigation returned in time.In view of the prevailing party FeiNan back, slow refund issue, the court in liaoning special issued “to promote the provincial court” won a refund “the regulation of work”, establish the provincial court one-stop refund mechanism of action – in the litigation service center established a special litigation fee charge back window, a full-time staff, and intensive deal with prevailing refund and other refund programmatic transaction,Request each place to do convenient retreat, retreat in time, should retreat as far as retreat.In 2021, liaoning courts returned a total of 134 million yuan of winning fees and refunds. Ma Zongqi, a deputy of Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress, was deeply moved: “Liaoning courts actively promoted the renovation of ‘difficult’ and ‘slow’ fees and other problems, so that the people really feel the change of the court’s judicial style.”In addition to reducing the cost of protecting the rights of the litigants by winning the litigation fee, liaoning court also tries to turn the “paper rights” of the litigants into “real money and silver” in their hands.’Thank you, judge!”The comrades of the court are so gelievable!”Sincere praise from the masses, one by one filled with joy and touched plain faces, in all parts of Liaoning court execution case money distribution points continue to appear.On November 18, 2021, Liaoning High People’s Court organized the provincial courts to carry out the centralized distribution day of execution case funds, setting up 103 distribution points of execution case funds, combining online and offline, issuing a total of 340 million yuan of execution case funds on that day, involving 1,277 cases, and receiving case funds from 1,185 parties.It is understood that the execution of the payment of the case types of migrant workers wages, alimony, alimony, industrial injuries, traffic accidents and other related to the people’s livelihood disputes, focusing on cases involving micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.At present, the province has been executed to meet the conditions of the release of all the implementation of the case funds have been released.”We have been busy all day, but our hearts are as happy as the client!”In the interview, Liaoyang Intermediate People’s Court Executive Bureau director Wang Shixue told reporters, Liaoning High Court issued “I do practical things for the masses” 10 public commitment list, clearly put forward “cleaning up the issuance of execution case funds to timely cash the rights and interests of the winning parties”, grasp the solid case funds cleaning, related to the people’s livelihood of the special implementation of the case and other measures.Set up special work classes, issue work plans, hold special video dispatching meetings, carry out inspections in 127 courts, organize symposiums for case-by-case guidance…Liaoning High People’s Court adhered to the principle of both qing dynasty and governance, and promoted the clearing of cases and funds in various regions.At the same time, the Liaoning Higher People’s Court formulated the Measures for the Administration of Execution Case Funds, further detailing the collection, issuance and supervision process of execution case funds, to ensure the timely, standardized and accurate issuance of execution case funds.– The best business environment is to improve the “soft environment” for business and develop the “hard power” rule of law.How to serve the overall situation of economic and social development through judicial function and promote the all-round revitalization of Liaoning?The systematic and project-oriented approach of Liaoning Higher Institute promotes the construction of a law-based business environment, and constantly enhances the confidence and expectation of market subjects to invest and start businesses in Liaoning.Since the education rectification, Liaoning High People’s Court has placed the development of market players in a prominent position, and constructed a “3+5+1″ system for building a law-based business environment with local characteristics.”5″ is a regulation on the judicial protection of intellectual property rights and the substantive resolution of administrative disputes, aiming to give play to the functions of judicial attack, protection and service.”1” refers to the “Measures for Assessing the Impact of Production and Operation on Cases involving enterprises (Trial)”, which aims to guide judges to handle cases with high-level law enforcement.Liaoning High People’s Court also issued the Measures for Assessing the Construction of a law-based Business Environment, detailing tasks and quantifying indicators from 18 aspects, encouraging the courts in the province to integrate the construction of a law-based business environment into the whole process and aspects of law enforcement and case handling.Water depth is the fish yue, strong city is jia Xing.A set of data provides a vivid illustration of the continuous optimization of liaoning’s business environment: — In the filing stage, the provincial courts resolved more than 540,000 cases before legal proceedings, and quickly adjudication and adjudication cases, thus reducing the litigation costs of enterprises.Dalian Maritime Court has helped hundreds of cold chain import enterprises to solve their pressing problems during the epidemic by means of “pre-litigation mediation, maritime injunction and judicial advice”.– During the trial phase, 67.16 billion yuan of assets were revitalized by using compulsory measures such as seizure and freezing in accordance with the law and by means of “live sealing and freezing” and property replacement.Compulsory measures of custody were prudently applied, and 171 business operators were given bail pending trial or non-imprisonment sentences, so that they could continue to participate in production and operation.Yingkou Intermediate People’s Court took conditional measures to remove the preservation, which was praised by deputies of the provincial people’s Congress.Shenyang Intermediate People’s Court to promote the “suspension of construction” to speed up the resumption of construction, the maximum release of land, capital and other important factors of production.– In the execution stage, we comprehensively evaluated the property status of the enterprises subject to execution, and adopted more than 40,000 enforcement measures that had little impact on the production and operation of the enterprises, or did not take or delayed the adoption of credit punishment measures.Acts of law is not enough to itself, “to further stimulate the vitality of the system, pay close attention to the implementation, so that rigid constraints become the conscious action of liaoning court people.”Liaoning High Hospital party secretary, president Zheng Qing said.The establishment and implementation of the system will further transform the achievements of education rectification into a powerful driving force for the high-quality development of courts in Liaoning, and provide a strong judicial guarantee for the all-round revitalization of Liaoning.Source: People’s Court Newspaper reporter: Wang He Correspondent: Wu Chunmin Editor: Sun Mengzhu (intern) Guo Zhijie