Chongming fighting epidemic, thank you!A letter of thanks to the people of the district

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Dear citizens and friends, under the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government and the joint efforts of the whole people, Chongming District has completed a new round of nucleic acid screening and is returning to normal production and life order in an orderly manner.During the containment and management period, the people of the whole region shared the same fate, heart to heart and shoulder to shoulder, drawing a moving picture of united efforts to fight the epidemic.Because of you, Chongming is more confident to defeat the epidemic.In the face of the epidemic, people in The district consciously obeyed the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control. Some went against the trend and rushed to the front line; some stayed indoors to protect the elderly and the young; some volunteered to serve and protect their homes.Here, we sincerely to every humanitarian a thanks!Thanks to the dedication, responsibility, persistence and efforts of all of you, the epidemic prevention and control efforts are getting better and better.Because of you, Chongming has more confidence to defeat the epidemic.The omicron variant strain is more transmissible and stealthless than the previous virus strains, so we have a more difficult task to fight against the virus and race against time.In the face of this difficult war, the active participation of all of us is essential.What is touching is that people in the region have made great efforts to overcome the difficulties brought by the epidemic to work, production, life, schooling and medical treatment, devoting themselves to the people’s war of epidemic prevention and control, and made arduous efforts to stop the spread of the epidemic.Because of you, Chongming is more powerful to overcome the epidemic.Medical workers, public security officers, sanitation workers, community officials, volunteers, delivery men and Communist Party members were at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic, building a strong line of defense with ordinary perseverance.We give up the small family for everyone, the interpretation of the great anti-epidemic spirit, you are chongming to overcome all difficulties and obstacles the strongest strength and the greatest confidence!Citizens friends, chongming fight epidemic, thank you!The outbreak is not over and fighting continues.We must be soberly aware that epidemic prevention and control is not only a tough battle but also a protracted battle that tests our patience and endurance.Lifting containment is not the same as lifting prevention and control, which requires further step control.We must cherish the current hard-won achievements, here appeal to the general public friends, strictly abide by the relevant regulations, take the initiative to do a good job of self-protection, actively support and cooperate with the epidemic prevention work.We firmly believe that with the strong leadership of the Party Committee and the government, the strong support of all sectors of society and the full cooperation of the general public, we will overcome all difficulties and win the final victory of epidemic prevention and control!Shanghai Chongming District Committee of the Communist Party of China Shanghai Chongming District People’s Government April 1, 2022 Edited by Zhang Yueyang