“2022 High-quality Development of Guangzhou Private Schools” Selection activity | Yunying Experimental School, Baiyun District, Guangzhou city

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Guangzhou Baiyun District Yunying Experimental School (former Peiying Experimental School) is a nine-year public high quality private school organized by century-old Guangzhou Peiying Middle School.As an important part of the supply of regional high-quality education resources, “Yun · Ying” means “Baiyun · Ying”, reflecting the school’s profound and long educational background and historical origin, continuing the hundred-year English training vein, and strengthening the core spirit of “White and green”.Schools to “if you cherish soaring aspirations, nurtures the small elite” is the school-running idea, with “small” elite courses for the overall positioning, from oneself, to others, forget three aspects to cultivate students to adapt to the future development of holistic quality, build transverse education simultaneously Friday, longitudinal “foundation, expansion and fusion inquiry” trinity, grade 1-9 curriculum system, and strive to build a small bridging programme at the beginning of the brand,Develop students’ key abilities continuously, effectively and systematically.Main entrance of the school.Yunying Experimental School carries out all-round education practice from three dimensions: establishing oneself, treating others and achieving results.After making clear the internal logic of the educational goal, the school’s “young talents course” proposes three curriculum goals from the three dimensions of establishing oneself, treating others and achieving success, which are self-drive inward, communication outward and creation towards new, so as to cultivate talents with all-round development for the future.The school has specially designed special bridging courses for primary and junior high schools. According to the law of students’ development, students are trained from four dimensions of emotional adaptation, habit adaptation, ability adaptation and environment adaptation.The school also focuses on the “four Self” education goals (learning autonomy, self-care, spiritual independence, management self-discipline) all-round and whole-process implementation of education practice, with the “Cloud Eagle Growth Plan” as the characteristics of career education, to help students develop in an all-round way and lifelong development.Eagle statue.There are 24 classes in the middle school and 24 classes in the primary school, with 146 full-time teachers.The teaching team is dedicated to their work and excellent in business. 100% of the full-time teachers have bachelor’s degree or above, and more than 90% have cyclic teaching experience. In recent years, a total of 186 people have won provincial and regional awards.The students are healthy in body and mind, with comprehensive quality and excellent in both character and learning. A total of 516 students have won provincial and municipal awards, including 11 national awards and 89 provincial awards.The functional rooms of the school have reasonable layout and perfect facilities. All classrooms are equipped with the latest interactive intelligent platform, high-configuration eye-protection lighting system and air conditioning.The cultural and Sports center is grand, the Yunying Academy is elegant and thick, and the open reading space is ancient. The reading pavilion is everywhere, where the sound of reading and laughter blend.Powerful recording room, geography room, creative classroom full of sense of science and technology, highly configured piano room, dance room, art room, calligraphy and painting room pleasing people’s eyes and ears, open and practical playground full of vitality and smart.Corner of campus.The school has 200 meters of plastic running track, 5 basketball courts, 2 volleyball courts, 4 badminton courts, ample space for sports.The students’ dormitories are well managed, well served and equipped with air-conditioning and hot water systems.In 2021, the tuition of the middle school of Yunying Experimental School is 13,600 YUAN/semester, the accommodation fee is 1200 yuan/semester, and the tuition of the primary school is 5950 yuan/semester (in 2022, the latest approval shall prevail).Article/Information Times reporter Zou Tian statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com