New CS75 Blue Whale version arrives at happy destination with family

2022-07-17 0 By

The weekend is finally here to plan a wonderful prairie trip with your family.Open free and unrestrained imagination Blue whale NE1.5T high pressure direct injection motor with family to enjoy more scenery the maximum rated power 132kw1.5L displacement is up to 300N·m torque fully equipped with engine idling start and stop technology (STT) car is more economic, more worry to extraordinary sense of control and control power to support the distant bottom blue whale 7 speedWet dual clutch transmission is fast, performance experience is on call, and it can cope with various working conditions easily. The comprehensive transfer efficiency is up to 94.3%.Speed up, smooth and enjoy the smooth performance experience. There are three driving modes to choose, which always have wonderful driving and control fun. Normal, ECO, Sport and other three modes can be switched at will.Make waves in the green field enjoy the new CS75 Blue Whale version of the joyful power and bring your family to the happy destination encounter unexpected surprises in the journey full of poetic, picturesque beauty of the event from March 13, 2022 to March 13, 2022