Foreign farmers dug out gold pimple, not only became local tyrants themselves, but also attracted a large number of people to panning for gold

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Painting ship late after panning till, not see gold but see stone.Still fear yellow gold price is not high, see every penny baht many force.Ancient and modern Chinese and foreign people are full of goodwill to gold, not only people like gold, gold for the national economy also plays a very important role.Gold is the existence of natural metal material, because people give gold characteristics, also let a lot of adventurers keen to use the “gold” way to get rich, in many places in history have been panning records.On an Australian farm in the 1960s, brothers Oates and Deason planned to dig up the soil so they could grow crops.After the plan was made, the two brothers followed it every day.But something unexpected happened. On the very day the two men picked up their hoes and began digging, Oates found a golden stone.The plan was to plow the farm as soon as possible, and while they were working hard, Oates swung his hoe again, and it hit something very hard. There was a crash.At first Oates didn’t care, thinking it was just a big stone to dig out, but when he dug it out, it was big and golden and didn’t look like any ordinary stone, so he called Deason to help him identify it.After making sure oates dug up gold, the two also made the decision to sell the gold quickly. The two brothers first carried the gold back home safely.They contacted the local bank the same day and arranged to take the gold to the bank the next day to sell it.The bank manager was so shocked to see the huge nugget that he had to cut it up and weigh it three times.There are some impurities in the nugget, but the main ingredient is gold, and the whole nugget weighs up to 72 kilograms.After selling the gold, the two brothers divided the money equally.Originally just a farmer in a small town, overnight let two people become the local tyrants in the village, but the two brothers are different in character, after the money is divided, also made different choices.Oates didn’t want to mess around anymore and chose to enjoy life after achieving wealth freedom.Deason thought there might be gold in town, so he used the money as start-up capital to start a gold rush and become an entrepreneur.The town was originally known as a gold panning site. Before the Oates brothers dug up gold nuggets, there were people panning for gold here, but they left as the resources dried up.Decades later, Oates and Deason struck gold again, making the town and others want to keep digging here.Then the town set off a gold rush, in addition to the people of the town, there are many other gold miners also rushed to the town.Morigo’s name became synonymous with sudden wealth, and many townspeople and prospectors did strike gold here and become lucky enough to be rich.Summary has been up to now, there are still a lot of people with “rich dream” came to the town of Morigo, although here to dig a lot of gold, but excessive digging gold always dig out of the day.Rather than get rich overnight, you should choose hard work to create a better life.Moraine gold Rush