During the Spring Festival, The Smooth operation of Lacey power grid successfully completed the task of protecting power during the festival

2022-07-17 0 By

Peninsula media reporters Xie Haojun correspondent Nick during the Spring Festival this year, lacy the safe and stable operation of power grids, not blackouts caused by equipment failure events, safe and reliable power supply, its lacey had power supply company with 9 years in a row to achieve public area on New Year’s eve “zero power” goal, the successful completion of the festival to protect electrical tasks.In order to really implement the electricity protection work during the Spring Festival, Laixi City power supply Company combined with the winter Olympics electricity protection work, formulate the electricity protection work plan during the Spring Festival, set up the Spring Festival electricity protection group, implement the electricity protection measures to each relevant department and power supply office, detailed to each link, clear division of responsibility.One is to carry out pre-holiday equipment hidden trouble investigation, combined with the preliminary hidden trouble investigation and other special activities to carry out comprehensive inspection of the lines and equipment within the area, find problems and rectify in time, earnestly patrol in place, rectify in time, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the line equipment.Second, strengthen the power supply station duty management.Prepare the duty list during the Spring Festival, the staff on duty strictly implement the duty management measures, the staff on duty 24 hours to ensure smooth communication in the duty room, timely feedback accident information.Third, strengthen emergency repair work.Pay close attention to weather changes, increase the strength of emergency repair vehicles and repair personnel, according to the characteristics and needs of the festival electricity protection, actively do a good job of emergency duty and emergency repair materials timely supply, once an emergency occurs, do strong organization, appropriate measures.At the same time, strengthen the monitoring of weak links in the power grid, use drones equipped with high-definition cameras and laser radar to inspect the defects of transmission lines and three-span inspection, and focus on monitoring the power flow of three important sections of the power grid, including the 6-loop lines in the same corridor into the urban area, to ensure that the equipment does not exceed the limit, prevent damage by external forces, and ensure the stable operation of the power grid.During the Spring Festival, laixi City power supply company strictly implement the Spring Festival power protection duty, winter Olympics power protection duty and leadership shift system, the staff on duty 24 hours on duty.A total of 128 emergency repair vehicles were dispatched, including 4 special vehicles, 16 emergency repair teams and more than 300 emergency repair personnel, ensuring that the fault report in urban areas took 45 minutes or 90 minutes to reach the scene in remote areas, realizing zero power failure in Taiwan area during the Spring Festival, ensuring that the people of the whole city spent a bright, warm and peaceful New Year’s Day!