7 years marriage split!Huang Xiaoming is divorcing her baby.

2022-07-17 0 By

Huang Xiaoming and Baby’s wedding, a grand wedding, let countless people are shocked.They got married and gave birth to a boy named Sponge.When they are not married, they often communicate on the Internet, which is also more sweet.But after marriage, the two seemed like strangers, rarely spending time together.Everybody thought, is there something wrong with their marriage?Huang Xiaoming and Baby Baby officially announced today that their marriage is over.They both posted a message on Weibo, saying “thank you for everything before, we will be a family again.”Now that we’re divorced, what’s the point of being polite?This sentence we all understand, later or a family, after divorce, they only left between the small sponge.After two people divorce, the biggest problem is the custody of the child, is he and the baby live together, or Huang Xiaoming?Huang xiaoming can count on one hand the seven years she has been with her little sponge.It was baby who accompanied her all the time, whether she was filming or traveling with him.I remember when Huang Xiaoming and Baobao’s family met again, it was because of the disease of little sponge.Mr. Huang came when his son was ill and drove away.Obviously, Huang xiaoming is not a qualified father.The baby is apparently with the baby and is likely to have custody of the baby.I’m sure many people will be surprised, but also take it for granted.After all, a lot of people are wondering if they’re really getting divorced.No matter what their relationship is, as long as she doesn’t hurt her, she’s innocent.Huang Xiaoming is so busy that he doesn’t have much time to accompany his children.Is Baby going out to play?What do you think?Leave your thoughts in the comments section.