Wearing a hat, mask and no household registration information, the thief is still caught by the police

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At 16:30 on January 11, Changchun city public Security Bureau Nanguan branch Dongan Tuen police station received the masses Xu mou reported to the police, its 15 xu in the east Lainan Street some fruit shop when shopping mobile phone stolen.At 17:00 on January 24, Dongantun police station in the South Branch of the joint operations command center support, police chief Zhao Yue led police left Binbin for the pickpocket case trace the source.In the process of sorting out the case, the police found that the suspect had a strong sense of anti-investigation, wearing a hat and mask during the crime, and could not see his face clearly. The police overcame difficulties and searched with perseverance. After several days of continuous tracking, they finally found that the suspect was a person without household registration information.Below this circumstance, the police of east antun police station also did not give up, through continuous 10 days trace, the police discovers suspect track and foothold near some village in Nanguan district and the criminal suspect Yao mou that is suspected of pickpocket is captured, take broken case 3, capture stolen mobile phone 3.After the police informed the victim mobile phone has been found, on February 22, the owner Xu mou for the Dongantun police station police sent a banner to thank you, he did not think the mobile phone can be found, thank the people’s police can pay attention to solve the relationship between the vital interests of the people!Source: Changchun Public Security propaganda