Promote growth and prevent disease, increase production is so simple, the secret of potassium phosphite collocation

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In recent years, there appeared a very fire fertilizer, named potassium phosphite, did not understand the people thought it was a sound of fertilizer, but it is not a general fertilizer, someone say it’s fantastic on the net, no matter how online said, no matter what it is, we still should be based on facts, facts speak louder than words, so,What kind of fertilizer is potassium phosphite?How do you use it?Here are the answers.Many commonly used potassium dihydrogen phosphate, it is welcome by the user of a quick-acting fertilizer, rolled in recent years this phosphite is more popular than potassium dihydrogen phosphate, potassium in I know some of the farmers, they use several kinds of fertilizer, potassium phosphite make myself effect is several times higher than the potassium dihydrogen phosphate, not only can stimulate the crops grow good,Also can prevent a variety of crop diseases, can be said to be both fertilizer and medicine, and does not contain pesticides, hormones, no residue, belongs to a new type of environmental protection fertilizer, can be used alone, but also can be used in combination, the following take a look at many farmers, including myself how to use.1, starting from the seedling stage of crops, with 15 grams of potassium phosphite, 30 grams of urea, 70 grams of glucose powder, 30 catties of water, interval half a month spray once, can not only keep seedlings healthy growth, can also be very good prevention of downy mildew, late blight, gray mold, canker disease, anthrax and other diseases,But also to raise roots, promote flowers, protect fruit, turgor, spend more flowers strong, control a little stronger, sweeten acid, increase output, vegetables, cash crops, field crops, fruit trees, gardens and so on, the effect is very significant.2, fruit trees and melon and fruit vegetables, with 15 grams of potassium phosphite, 10 grams of boron source reservoir, add water 30 catty, before flowering, early flowering and young fruit period, each spray once, to promote the differentiation of crop flowers and buds, more flowering and more fruit, prevent falling flowers and fruit, swelling fruit, sweetening quality, improve yield has irreplaceable effect,It has significant control effect on falling flower and fruit, fruit shape and various diseases.3, spring, autumn and winter, as well as low temperature environment, 15 grams of potassium phosphite, 10 grams of brassica, 30 kg of water spray, can significantly improve the resistance to freezing damage of crops, protect the normal development of roots, but also regulate the growth of crops, if before spraying, combined with the right amount of topdressing, the effect is better.4, in addition to the above three formulas, potassium phosphite can also be mixed with most fungicides, pesticides and foliar fertilizer, such as: mixed with some fungicides, can greatly improve the effect of prevention and control, because potassium phosphite itself has bactericidal effect, mixed with drugs, sterilization effect is better.In addition to being mixed with other fertilizers and medicines, potassium phosphite can also be used on its own, especially when sprayed at the beginning of flowering and fruit expansion.But pay attention to, do not mix alkaline fertilizer and medicine, spraying time should be in the morning before 10 and 3 o ‘clock in the afternoon, the effect is better.Through the above introduction, now we should understand the role of potassium phosphite, potassium phosphite as a bactericidal fertilizer, its price is higher than potassium dihydrogen phosphate, so, when buying if the price is too low should pay more attention to avoid buying fake.If you want to learn and know more about planting technology and experience, welcome to pay more attention.At the same time welcome to forward and share.This content is exclusive and original by village talk, all rights reserved.