First day at work after the holidays, not feeling good?

2022-07-16 0 By

The Spring Festival holiday, happy times always pass quickly, finally ushered in the work day, do the children of Bicarn international community feel that everything is still not enough?On the first working day of the year, how many of these post-holiday syndromes did the babies get?1. Saying “work makes me happy”, but being afraid.On my first day at work, I felt dizzy, yawned and unresponsive.Work efficiency is extremely low, inexplicably irritable, who do not want to talk.Just no appetite, always feel very full, don’t even want to eat.So how do the children in the green Home International community get back to full working state on their first day at work?Tip 1: Go to bed early and wake up early try to get back to a regular routine during this time to make sure you get enough sleep.The second trick: half an hour in advance to the office to see the long absence of the office, the entire desktop, check the data, in other colleagues before the company, you will find the feeling.On your first day at work, pick the top three things that are most important to you (don’t take on too many) and focus on getting them done first.Fourth step: Apply templates to optimize daily work flow. Fix the things that need to be repeated every day into a set of reusable SOP standard procedures, which can enable the children in the Bika international community to quickly start and finish some work without consuming too much energy.These are tips on how to get back to work quickly after the holiday. I hope that the children of Home Country International community can return to normal work and life as soon as possible.