Xi ‘an Economic and Development Zone: Sound the “Assembly Signal” to start the project and cultivate the “high-yield field” for economic development

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On the morning of February 14th, the opening ceremony of key projects in the first quarter of 2022 was held in Xi ‘an Economic and Development Zone. Members of the Party Working Committee and management Committee, heads of relevant departments and representatives of project units attended the ceremony.With a start order, 13 key projects with a total investment of 5.5 billion yuan have officially started construction.High-quality industrial projects are the “high-yield fields” of economic development.Among the projects launched this time, 10 are industrial chain projects, all of which will achieve an annual output value of 5 billion yuan, tax revenue of 680 million yuan and employment of nearly 3,000 people.Among them, the western superconducting expansion and transformation project, after all put into operation, can achieve an annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan.This year, we plan to invest 2.8 billion yuan in 13 key projects, which will serve as a driving force for steady growth.At the same time, ai Ai Seiko intelligent equipment manufacturing, western Superconducting Industry innovation center and research institute, Tuori new generation of photovoltaic product research and development and industrialization projects, both technological content and product competitiveness, are in the leading level in China, in line with the requirements of high-quality development, in line with the positioning of regional industrial development.It is reported that the economic development zone arranged 207 projects throughout the year, with a total investment of 270.3 billion yuan.Among them, 70 are listed as key projects at the municipal level, with an investment of 214.3 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 45 billion yuan.Among the 207 projects, 183 are industrial projects, accounting for 88%, with an investment of 187.2 billion yuan, accounting for 70% of the total investment.The groundbreaking ceremony was an official announcement of the “assembly call” for the new round of project construction.According to the person in charge of the economic development Zone, the economic development zone will adhere to the “all focus on the project, all around the project”, achieve “three must”, that is, must provide closed-loop service, adhere to the service concept of environment is gold, escort the development of the project “full life cycle”;We must provide customized services, strengthen “user thinking, customer experience”, and constantly sing the service reputation of “industry service depends on the opening”;Total factor services must be provided, supporting facilities, land use and other guarantees should be implemented to promote the early completion, early production and early performance of projects, so as to inject sustainable impetus into the development of the whole district.The focus on construction of concrete project which contains quick with small make up a sneak peek aa seiko industrial light industrial conveyor belt and intelligent equipment manufacturing project total investment: 250 million yuan project introduction: the project construction of intelligent conveyor belt production and finished product with deep processing workshop, CNC machining workshop, high-end intelligent logistics equipment production workshop, etc.Is planning to build the leading r&d, processing, manufacturing, technical services as one of the high-end intelligent equipment production base, high-end light new material conveyor belt around the core technology, establish a high-end industry center of intelligent equipment, for electronic information, medicine, automobile and other industries to provide high-end intelligent transportation equipment, products are facing the whole country and central Europe.Western Superconductor Industry Innovation Center and Research Institute Project Total investment: 603.2 million YuanThe project has a total construction area of about 75,000 square meters, mainly building superconducting innovation center and advanced alloy material research center, adding materials simulation, physical and chemical properties testing and material preparation equipment, adding superconducting electrical and mechanical properties testing and small wire drawing machine and other scientific research equipment.After completion of the innovation center, it will be built into superconducting wire, superconducting magnet, electric power application equipment technology research laboratory and industrialization base;After the completion of the advanced alloy Materials Research Center, it will further improve the advanced materials and equipment design, research and development, evaluation and service capabilities, and become a state-level advanced titanium alloy and superalloy engineering preparation technology development base and innovation center.Project Description: The project will build the photovoltaic cell and module technology innovation Center, the photovoltaic photovoltaic system integration engineering center, the pilot production line of the new generation of photovoltaic products, and the northwest regional headquarters.The project has the industrial characteristics of low energy consumption and high recycling rate. It gives full play to the advantages of multiple technology patents of Tuori Group and adopts all intelligent equipment to produce and manufacture, so as to better drive the development of Northwest region of Tuori Group, help to achieve the goal of “carbon peak and carbon neutralization”, and promote energy conservation and emission reduction.Western Superconducting Technology Upgrading and Capacity Expansion Project Total investment: 920 million YuanExpansion project a aviation power with high performance high temperature alloy bar wire production line, the construction of a new high performance high temperature alloy production line cycle, built a international leading industrialization of superconducting wire production line, the construction of 5 g material warehousing service platforms such as intelligent upgrade platform, built a superconducting MRI without liquid helium with industrialization of superconducting wire production line.This project is the technical transformation project of western superconducting, and it plans to purchase international advanced equipment to transform production lines. After the completion of the project, the production capacity and technical level of western superconducting superalloy will be greatly improved, and it will play an important role in the construction of new material industry cluster in the economic development zone.After the project is put into operation, the annual output value is expected to exceed 1 billion yuan.Jiangsu Jiahe Machinery Group Co., LTD. Hydrogen fuel cell core parts manufacturing project Total investment: RMB 150 million Project Description: The project mainly builds industrial plant, RESEARCH and development center, office space and supporting facilities.Project around vehicle thermal management and hydrogen fuel cell systems and components to build capacity, will form 50000 sets of automobile air conditioning system, cooling module, 30000 sets of 50000 sets of hydrogen fuel battery thermal management system, 20000 sets of hydrogen fuel air system and hydrogen system core parts and components production capacity, assembly capacity have 10000 sets of hydrogen fuel cell system.It has good technical reserves in the field of new energy fuel cell research and development and production, and the fuel cell industry is forward-looking to a certain extent, which plays a positive role in improving the automobile industry in Xi ‘an Economic and Development Zone.Xian jia and HuaHeng thermal system co., LTD., the vehicle thermal management system production base of the project total investment: 200 million yuan project introduction: hydrogen fuel cells, the construction of the core parts and components manufacturing, make annual output of 30000 sets of hydrogen fuel electric reactor cooling system, 20000 sets of air system and hydrogen gas circulatory system core components such as production capacity, the formation of hydrogen fuel cell/assembly capacity of 10000 sets.It is the only professional automobile radiator manufacturer in northwest China. The supporting project of vehicle thermal management system invested by it is in line with the industrial positioning of Xi ‘an city. After the completion of the project, it will help realize the localization supporting for Shaanxi Automobile Group, reduce the production cost and extend the automobile industry chain.Introduction to the project: The project builds a 15,000-square-meter structure workshop, 10 production lines, and 85 sets of various equipment.High-strength ultra-thin copper foil is a key material used in the field of new energy lithium battery and the development and production of high-performance chips, and it is also the key development direction of the 14th Five-year Plan.The technology of such products of Taijin company belongs to the leading domestic and advanced international level, so it is necessary to release production capacity quickly to meet the market demand.The project will solve the problems of complete sets of equipment for the production of high-strength ultra-thin copper foil and the industrialization of copper foil products. It is estimated that 5000 sets of supporting copper foil anodes can be realized after the completion of the project.Technical renovation project of titanium thick plate production line for aviation large main bearing structural parts Total investment: 115 million YuanThe project added more than 20 sets of international advanced vacuum consumable electric arc furnace, roller type heating furnace, water cutting and other equipment, improved the existing thick plate processing production line equipment, to achieve stable mass production of titanium alloy thick plate for aviation structural parts, with an additional annual capacity of 1000 tons.It will greatly increase the capacity of titanium thick plate for large main bearing structural parts of enterprise aviation, which will greatly promote the development of China’s aviation materials industry.Shaanxi MuTangXiang seasoning food co., LTD., research and development testing center and production storage center project Total investment: RMB 200 million project description: the project construction of research and development testing center, the production and storage center, a total construction area of 42000 square meters, including research and development testing center of about 20000 square meters, production center of about 10000 square meters, about 12000 square meters warehousing center.A total of 8 new production lines have been added, and the annual production capacity has been increased by more than 20,000 tons.Introduction to the project: The project is located at the intersection of No.12 Fengcheng Road and No.12 Kaiyuan Road, and starts from the intersection of No.12 Fengcheng Road and No.12 Fengcheng Road in the south. It is a secondary trunk road in the city, with standard two-way four lanes, and adopts roadbed + U-shaped slot open section + underpass tunnel construction.The underground double-arch tunnel passes through the current urban road, city ring highway and Xitong Highway for many times. It has strict requirements for the subgrade subsidence, and adopts φ402 locking pipe curtain for advanced support, which has high precision requirements and great difficulty.Project Introduction: The project is located in Tongyuan Street, Jingwei New Town, with a design length of 3.42km, which is a new urban main road.The main construction contents include road engineering, rainwater engineering, sewage engineering, water supply engineering, traffic engineering, lighting engineering, communication pipeline engineering, power pipeline engineering, greening engineering, etc.Description of the project: The project is located at Zhuhong Road (Fengcheng No.10 Road – North Third Ring Road), with a length of about 1.7 km of 330KV power channel.The project adopts pipe jacking with an inner diameter of 4.0m, which is the largest diameter pipe jacking of power tunnel in northwest China and the largest diameter trenchless circular pipe jacking project in China.After the completion of the project, the 330kV power grid will go deep into the urban second ring Road, which will help improve the 110kV grid structure of the central city of Xi ‘an, enhance the reliability and security of regional power supply, and promote the economic and social development of Xi ‘an.Source: Xi ‘an Jingkai Editor: Yeti, Jiayun review: Kaisen, Yu Xin produced: Xi ‘an newspaper integration media gather people, build one Mind!Polish ping An Jing open construction business cardThrough the open area construction of peace vigorous continuous