Wuxi has 24 courses selected by the Ministry of Education as “Excellent Basic Education Courses”, the number of which ranks first in the province

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Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the list of “Excellent Basic Education Courses” in 2021. A total of 56 courses in Our province were selected, among which 24 were selected from Wuxi, ranking the first in the province. These courses have been launched on the national Intelligent Education platform for primary and secondary schools, which is free for teachers and students to learn and use.It is understood that to carry out the selection of basic education courses, aims to constantly deepen the reform of basic education courses, promote the professional development of teachers, improve the quality of basic education teaching.Fine imposed a micro lesson, lesson in micro video, instructional design, learning tasks, courseware, exercise and necessary experiments demonstrate strictly according to the national curriculum standards and meet the needs of students’ autonomous learning and individualized learning, for students to prepare, review, and carry out exploratory learning and project learning to provide services, promote students the heavy academic burden.At the same time, it supports teachers in classroom teaching, and provides services for teachers to optimize teaching design, enrich teaching content, and carry out online and offline mixed teaching.Basic education quality course is a nationwide brand activity of basic education teaching, and has become an effective carrier for primary and secondary schools to implement the policy of “double reduction” and comprehensively improve the quality of school teaching.Yang Jiemian Statement: This article is copyrighted by the original author. If there is a wrong source or your legitimate rights and interests are infringed, you can contact us through email and we will deal with it in a timely manner.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com