Today’s New Year’s Eve, Yueyang Evening News is happy New Year to you!

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Today is the 29th day of the 12th month in the Lunar calendar, a special day for Chinese people. We wish you New Year’s Eve in advance!On this day, many people have returned home to reunite with their parents and relatives. Some people are unable to go back to their hometown for various reasons. Wherever they are, they hope everyone will be safe.The whole family will hold a grand ceremony to remember their ancestors and die with great care. The New Year’s Eve dinner is the “warmest ceremony” for Chinese people. The whole family will taste the happiness of life together and welcome the beautiful day of the New Year.With the development of The Times, many customs are also changing. Some people can not go home for the Spring Festival, so they bring their parents to the city where their parents work.Where is home As long as the family health peace Where is the Chinese New Year is happy When I was a child is looking forward to New Year’s money Now, with the development of science and technology Mobile phone grab a red envelope and electronic greetings card, etc Have become common in the New Year Money is not much, it’s the thought that counts The form of family reunion dinner is increasingly varied No matter what to eat, where to eat figure is a family of joy Today,What do you have for New Year’s Eve dinner?Remember to take a picture before eating oh, it’s only once a year, you can leave a good memory. Welcome to send pictures of the New Year’s Eve dinner to Yueyang Evening News wechat platform what are you waiting for busy Tiger looking forward to your sharing year: Light the fireworks on New Year’s Eve