Tax official of high-tech park: Spring breeze brings warmth and benefits people

2022-07-14 0 By

“We are grateful to the tax bureau of high-tech Zone for its strong support to the enterprise, and the company will actively take advantage of the good business environment of high-tech zone to further expand the domestic market and achieve a win-win situation between enterprise development and regional economy.”This is the general manager of Konica Minolta Software Development (Dalian) Co., LTD. Morita Guyuke in high-tech park tax bureau to carry out field research said a paragraph.Recently, members of the district bureau led a team to the high-tech zone enterprises to carry out field research and visit, publicity and interpretation of the favorable enterprise policy, grasp the business situation of enterprises, to answer the tax-related difficulties of enterprises.Konica Minolta Software Development (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is the representative of the district bureau.During the discussion, the research team conveyed the spirit of the Dalian Municipal Government’s working meeting on optimizing the business environment of the whole city, learned about the enterprise’s structure and operation status in detail, listened to the difficulties and demands of cross-border tax-related services facing the enterprise, and answered the enterprise’s policy and business operation questions on the spot.Tax authorities will strive to improve tax payment services and protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, the research team said.The district bureau is looking forward to working with enterprises to strengthen communication and promote the construction of business environment and local economic development in the high-tech zone.Keisuke Morita, General Manager of Konica Minolta, expressed his deep gratitude: “For your bureau’s warm survey, enterprises really feel the warmth.In the past, 90% of the company’s business was provided by the head office in Japan, and the company has been enjoying the preferential tax of zero tax rate for cross-border services in Your country, so the company has been well supported.In the next step, the company will focus on value improvement, strive to do better business from China, and make contributions to the economic development and industrial upgrading of the high-tech zone.”