Reporters go to the grassroots to help resume work and production Lianhu District issued “employment warm heart”

2022-07-14 0 By

Xi ‘an Network news (reporter Ma Ying) is the end of the year, the year of the Tiger bell approaching.In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and help enterprises resume work and production, Lianhu District issued “employment warm package” to provide “packaged” services for employees and workers who remain on the job during the Spring Festival.The majority of workers can get the “employment warm package” by scanning the two-dimensional code above, which contains the New Year greetings and epidemic prevention guide sent by lianhu District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau for workers. They can enjoy 9 services such as employment policy, post inquiry, labor rights protection and “1311” employment exclusive service at one time.At the same time, the district human Resources and Social Security Bureau also went to yonghui Supermarket, Mingtang Sanitation, Qiaozikou Subway Line 6, section 15 of the Electrification bureau of China Railway and other key enterprises, key projects, to send “employment warm heart pack” to enterprises during the Spring Festival migrant workers, together with Yikang medicine to send epidemic prevention and control consolation goods for migrant workers.It is understood that the next step lianhu district will actively carry out the “help to resume work and production to promote employment stability” series of special activities, around the five aspects of sending warmth, sending policies, sending positions, improving skills, protecting rights and interests, to provide comprehensive security services for enterprises and local Chinese New Year workers.