Perfect integration with the performance of the actors!Was the giant screen at the opening ceremony a touch screen?The answer to the

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At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games yesterday (February 4), the huge LED stage stunned the world, not only creating the largest area in the world, but also leading the world in snow protection, frost protection, stability and pressure resistance.How do you make sure every screen is foolproof?Here’s the scoop from the front desk reporter.Xu Mengzhe: I am standing at the heart of the National Stadium, the bird’s Nest. The floor screen that amazed the world at the opening ceremony is right under my feet.This floor screen is the largest LED floor screen in the world at present, with an area of 10,552 square meters. There are more than 42,000 boxy LED modules like this. How to ensure that each LED screen can achieve the preset effect?Before the actual performance, our staff still do this kind of horizontal push check on the floor screen.So in addition to its large, in fact, there are many worthy of our study.The “ground display system” of the opening ceremony should not only realize the visual experience of 8K ultra HD video playback, but also meet the characteristics of wear-resisting stage, load-bearing structure, waterproof and cold-proof as well as electrical safety, which put forward high requirements for the performance of the ground screen.To add to the challenge, traditional floor screens are also untested in winter outdoor environments.’First of all, in terms of environmental identification, it still didn’t do some of the early designs,’ said Wang, chief technical officer of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp.For example, vibration. There’s not so much crackling in the traditional way.Because it was a show, and it’s still a stage.The second one is rain and snow, and in the case of water, it’s this different material with temperature, it’s this different shrinkage rate.Where we used to think it was impossible to leak, it changes and leaks.One is the mechanics, one is the environment, which is a big [influence] for us, and the surface treatment is a headache.The construction team responsible for the “ground display system” for the opening ceremony is from China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.To solve these problems, Spaceman first coats traditional LED screens with a special protective suit.Bureau reporter Xu Mengzhe: what is the difference?You see, there’s a mask on the outside, which is actually a protective device. First of all, visually, it allows our floor screen to highlight the hazy feeling of ice, rather than being so bright.Secondly, so many actors and actresses in the opening ceremony will do a lot of movements on the floor screen, including our roller skating on it, which also plays a bearing role. The weight of each square meter must be more than 500 kilograms. Our design requirements are as follows.External pressure withstood, the next difficulty comes from the screen itself.More than 40,000 screens come from different manufacturers, with varying designs and textures.How to make them “uniform” “in step”, color difference is the number one problem.Media reporter Xu Mengzhe:I just communicate with workers, they just the sort of horizontal pushing type, everyone stood in a row, then to observe the ground, the main is to discover the color, like this although displays are red, but from the lens inside the can see, from my point of view, to the naked eye it is have off color, is problematic, so such modules staff will pick it up and change it.After careful adjustment, before the formal rehearsal of the opening ceremony, the screen color similarity can reach 99.78 percent, the naked eye can hardly see any difference.The color, color temperature and brightness display of all display devices are consistent, transforming the artistic imagination of the director team into technical specifications.The floor stage at the opening ceremony presented a completely subverted traditional performance stage space structure, perfect integration of actors’ performance and floor display.How does the screen interact with the actors?Many netizens have speculated that such a huge screen is a touch screen?’Whether it’s roller skating, whether it’s the baby, the dove,’ said Wang, technical director of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation’s Winter Olympics special office. ‘It has several cameras on it to track this [actor’s] position, and it uses this position quickly, and it counts it in the computer, in the server.’The response of a given floor screen, superimposed on the middle of the floor display system, is equivalent to adding a layer (display action).The reason is very simple, but in fact it is high implementation requirements, is after capturing that frame, can quickly calculate, calculate with the algorithm, and then track the direction.With the wisdom of exploring the vast universe, “spacemen” have broken through one technical problem after another.The rigor of the rocket launch ensured the performance was foolproof.On February 4, before the opening ceremony officially began, everyone was still checking the “ground display system” repeatedly, and even did not let go of any light beads.Fu Yingjie, Engineer of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation winter Olympics Special Office: Is the quality of the screen itself, such as the lamp beads, damaged?Is there anything wrong with the line?Focus on this one.The goal is to make the screen perfect for the performance, to do our best and leave no regrets.’This kind of important mission, we say the (mental) understanding of it is higher than launching a rocket,’ Said Wang, technical director of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation’s Winter Olympics special Office.You must be on time at 8 o ‘clock on February 4th. You don’t have any reason to say that it can be postponed if it meets anything today, but the rocket can, so it is quite difficult.Original title: Perfect integration with actor performance!Was the giant screen at the opening ceremony a touch screen?The answer is here.