Love, pain, laugh off

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Love is the most beautiful flower in the world of mortals.The most beautiful thing in the world is the awakening of the soul. It is like a light shining into life in the darkness. It is the light of hope, the flame waiting to be burned in the depths of the heart.Love is a seed.Just wait for the baptism of spring breeze spring rain overnight, it will blossom and bear fruit, luxuriant foliage, blooming as the most gorgeous scenery of the four seasons.Love, is the time of the warmest, the most beautiful language.It is the remedy for pain, the softest corner of the human heart.There is love in the heart, the whole body is soft, the eyes are pouring out of the warmth.Love is like a touch of moonlight in the sky.It is pure and fresh, it is indifferent, it is dream, it is the incarnation of all good, always let a person produce infinite get drunk with daydream.I would rather become a fallen leaf, let the wind and rain everywhere drift;Or a cloud, in the clear blue sky, and the earth no more involved.”Love, is not narrow, is selfish, with what to save?Look at the promise of the past, I still believe, spend endless, infinite month, two hearts with spoony.At this time I would like to make willows, tripping spring breeze, mountain a journey, water a journey, slightly thin cold;Grass love, no love, love out of voluntary.In life, there is always a reluctant page, so deep, and so warm.The beauty of time lies in the traces engraved between meeting and parting.Time, is a song without words, has been in the heart of life and growth in nature, in addition to read, there is hope.Purple road the world of mortals, have seen the scenery of how many things people are not, have walked how many gather to come loose depend on the journey, how many affection is the flower that separates water to wait on, how many people is the other shore that cannot arrive, I am not your a tender feeling review, and you, it is my baizhuanqianhui already however.Who would like to lead a hand, through the sea of change?Wrote too much wind and snow night lingering;Heard too many enduring as the universe of expectations, years of a decayed, can not pick up, there is a kind of encounter called love is shallow;There is one ending.I want to give you a city moonlight, because there is my missing in this moonlight, standing in this city, I know, this life only overlooking your city, do not know whether you are also in the moonlight, the acacia ferry, that beautiful dream water, has been waiting for me, has been writing beautiful poems for me?Countless days, it is with your company, life is not lonely, not dull, love you is the happiest thing in my life.Love, pain, cry and laugh, and then borrow a clear sky, embrace the sun, continue to be strong.Let go of what should be put down, cherish what you have, smile and live safely.