General Administration of Sports to make a new decision!Yao Ming may be replaced step by step, according to the CBA’s famous coaches

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General Administration of Sports to make a new decision!Named CBA champion coach, yao Ming or be replaced by step by step, CBA will start the third phase of the game, and now the liaoning men’s basketball team is still in the first place, it is understood that the liaoning men’s basketball team is also there is a good news, that is Han Deju has confirmed that can return to the third stage of the game, and everyone is discovered, Han Deju in liaoning men’s basketball team training,The confrontation has already begun, so it should come as no surprise that Hendeku will return to the third stage and remain the main force in the team.But for the game of the third phase in the liaoning men’s basketball team, but I really bad, because guangdong men’s basketball team has weems have return, secondly lidle is also a good form, and officer in Zhao Rui mission to return to the third stage, and played wild Zhao Rui has begun, and we all know, the guangdong team continued doubts in the second stage, the main is wounded 11 3 games,But the Basketball association did not punish guangdong men’s basketball team, not even fine, no verbal warning, and we all know that the development of Chinese men’s basketball team is not good in recent years, the World Cup failed, the Olympic Games failed.And yao Ming as the basketball association chairman, is a big responsibility, and have also been affected, CBA league slips, players pay a drop down again, see person less and less, especially yao much more trial and error method, the Chinese men’s basketball team did not recover, such as the Chinese men’s basketball team got the 2 team, team, the red team, not suitable for the Chinese men’s basketball team, do you think is the men’s basketball team?The creation of 5 national teams are all stars, China’s men’s basketball is full of only a set of starting lineups to compete against foreign teams, must be the whole red and blue 2 teams.Second yao Ming for the CBA penalties is not clean, the guangdong team many times to escape punishment, and the other team has suffered many times controversial refereeing, especially for the actions of the liaoning men’s basketball team, let many people expressed dissatisfaction, General Administration of Sport now named shandong men’s basketball team coach gong xiabin, now officially general election of the Chinese basketball association, gong xiabin named by general administration of sports,It is said that yao is expected to assume the position of vice president of the basketball association, to decentralize the power of Yao.It is no surprise that the general Administration of Sports is already dissatisfied with Yao Ming. Gong Xiaobin has been trained to replace Yao Ming gradually. If Yao is really dismissed, Guangdong men’s basketball team may not win the championship any more.Please click the follow button and leave your comments in the comments section!