Dayi Technology won the “2021 China Excellent Logistics Service Provider” award

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On January 15, 2022, the 2021 (19th) China Logistics Entrepreneurs Annual Conference hosted by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing was grandly held in Guangzhou.As a pioneer and leader in the network freight industry, Dayi Technology won the award of “2021 China Logistics Excellent Service Provider” by virtue of its contribution to the logistics industry technological innovation and logistics informatization.Won the title of “2021 China Model Public Welfare Enterprise” for a series of charity public welfare activities during the epidemic and rainstorm in 2021.The theme of 2021 (19th) China Logistics Entrepreneurs Annual Conference is “New pattern, new opportunity, new mission”. Based on the new development pattern, we will grasp the new development opportunity, exchange hot issues in the industry, discuss the new ideas and new paths of innovation and upgrading and high-quality development, and create a better future together.In 2020, the Interim Measures for The Operation and Management of Road Cargo Transport on Network Platform was officially implemented, and network freight was on the fast track.This annual meeting has a special network freight sub-forum to interpret the new trend of the development of network freight platform. Representatives of Zhongyuan Dayi Technology Co., Ltd. attended the sub-forum and delivered a keynote speech, explaining the opportunities and challenges of bulk industry in the era of network freight.Easy technology with high-tech, big data and intelligent application of industry supply chain, capital chain and chain solutions, transport management, supply chain finance, increasing value and after market service, internal optimization, operation platform generation development and other business sectors, to provide bulk shippers enterprise logistics cloud, smart terminal optimization scheme, wisdom logistics, freight after market service,Build a national-level industrial supply chain platform.In traditional bulk cargo transportation, the chain is long and scattered, transportation and marketing links are complex, and digital application is insufficient, resulting in excessive reliance on human resources for business flow.It is difficult for shippers to grasp the information trajectory of drivers, goods and vehicles, leading to very passive logistics enterprises/shippers in the whole transportation process.Dayi Technology provides standardized industrial solutions for the supply chain of bulk industries, which can serve all links of the industrial chain: for the government, the visual and controllable management of social transport capacity is improved;For freight drivers, it provides more secure source information, transportation support and a full range of services including oil and gas, insurance and finance.For shippers, dayi technology’s service model and technological innovation can not only provide better services, but also help enterprises manage transportation costs and taxation reasonably and increase revenue increment.”2021 China Logistics Excellent Service Provider” is the recognition of logistics enterprises in informatization and intelligence, dayi Technology won the award, and its rapid development in the industry is inseparable.Since its establishment in 2016, Dayi Technology has been making breakthroughs and innovations, and has established a rapid layout across the country. It has cooperated with more than 3,000 large shippers enterprise groups, with 440,000 registered drivers on the platform, 3.13 million online waybills, with an annual freight transport of more than 120 million tons and a monthly transaction volume of 1.4 billion.The relevant person in charge of Dayi Technology said: Under the background that the general trend of the industry is stable and improving, the platform will continuously consolidate and improve its technical and operational capabilities of digital freight services, inject new vitality into the digital transformation of the freight industry, and help the continuous development and upgrading of the logistics industry.