Bozhou cadres announced mobile phone number, how to balance work and telephone into a new proposition

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February 15 news, February 7, the province to improve the work style for the private practical for the enterprise excellent environment conference held in Hefei.Bozhou held a meeting to promote the special action of “three stricts and three honests” and “immediate implementation and solid work” on The 8th, and publicized the mobile phone numbers of 81 leading cadres, including the party secretary and mayor, and said that they would truly “respond to the people’s call”.After a week, how is the work progressing?It also makes the local people look forward to it.At present has not produced the interview situation has citizens said that the public leadership mobile phone number, is a good way to change the work style of cadres, can smooth the masses appeal “the last kilometer”.Released in bozhou “about bozhou city and counties, straight contact each department is responsible for the comrades and efficient services to the masses and enterprise’s announcement” is put forward, in the move is to consolidate development “I does the practical work for the masses” practice results, and thorough going efforts to promote “three steady tightening real” “soon, our” special action style construction and further clear reflect public opinion channel,We will strengthen ties with the people and businesses, provide them with more convenient, efficient and efficient services, and ensure that the people respond to their needs.At that time, bozhou municipal Party committee mainly responsible for comrade told reporters, “the matter of the masses as their own home to do, will soon be able to solve.If it cannot be resolved, make it clear to the people and they will understand.”The original intention and sincerity are expected, and how is the work promoted in a week?February 15, the reporter according to the list of telephone, random dial local many leading cadres of the telephone interview.Bozhou municipal party committee secretary general, municipal supervision assessment office director Wan Ruian first answered the phone.As a member of the Communist Party of China bozhou City’s fifth discipline inspection Commission, he told reporters that there had been no interviews for a week.After all, this is a major decision supported by the Municipal party Committee and the municipal government, and everyone is serious about it.A local leading cadre also told reporters that the spot check mechanism of the municipal inspection room is still relatively strict. “In addition, if we do not answer the phone or there is no feedback, the people may call the higher level of the leadership, which is also an invisible supervision mechanism.”Reporters learned that bozhou city in the “three stricts and three facts” “immediately do, real work” style of construction of special action to promote the meeting requirements, Bozhou municipal supervision room is specifically responsible for supervision, the city commission for discipline inspection also arranged special class, every common people do not respond to the phone, deal with the matter, should first interview, and then serious treatment.Sun Shanbao, director of bozhou Transport Bureau, can get a lot of calls every day.He was in a meeting when he was called on Feb. 15, but walked out to answer his cellphone.From the people’s point of view, if a phone call can be made, it is more important to do things well.”At present, there are many issues related to the Spring Festival travel rush and epidemic prevention and control.”Sun Shanbao told reporters that they specially sorted out the recent people reflect more concentrated problems, such as inconvenient transfer points and so on, and carried out research on such problems, come up with suggestions for further rectification.Sun shanbao said that he could deal with the problems reported by the masses directly or transfer them to the director in charge.Some involving counties, according to the mechanism requirements at most once.Of the change, Sun shanbao said, “it should be a big improvement in efficiency.”After the local officials’ mobile phone numbers were released, some citizens also thought that under normal circumstances, appeals could be transmitted and communicated through channels such as 12345 convenient service hotline. If such questions flooded into the leaders’ phones, would they blur the boundary between the two and even cause a waste of resources?Wan Believes that mobile phone numbers have irreplaceable functions such as 12345 hotlines.In his view, from the point of view of the masses, the main point is to open a channel through which some appeals are unwilling or inconvenient to be reported to cadres at the grassroots level.From the point of view of cadres, it is conducive to leading cadres to directly listen to the aspirations of the masses, demands, and understand the working conditions and style of cadres at the grass-roots level.”In addition, leading officials can also timely understand the contradictions and hot spots in the society, which is conducive to promoting the solution of work from the front, which is very beneficial.”At the beginning of the announcement, local leaders’ mobile phones were overwhelmed by calls from citizens and people from all walks of life. How to balance work and answering the phone is also a proposition placed in front of them.Wan Ruian introduced his own approach: is meeting can not answer the phone, through the mobile phone to define text messages, a key reply to contact after the meeting, or the relevant situation can ask the public to communicate through text messages.”I will when I answer the phone.But some people call or text message is not clear, it is also more common, this will be returned by the staff call, time is really limited.”In the view of many local leading cadres, I believe that the masses and enterprises can respect leading cadres, and also call on everyone to consider the actual situation, hierarchical to reflect the problem.The reporter noted that the announcement of the leading cadres contact information, positions and division of labor are also clearly listed.Sun Shanbao said that he also received a call from a citizen a few days ago, mainly in order to confirm but by himself answered, he also seriously reply.But there were fewer calls than in the first two days.”There were a dozen calls a day, now there are only a few.”In his opinion, the masses still understand the work of leading cadres very well. Considering the rest time, there are few phone calls after 12 o ‘clock in the evening, and the phone calls will come after 6 o ‘clock in the morning.(GCY Source: Anhui News)