Wang Ou wear white look te temperament, the reader said hair is a highlight

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If Wang Ou this one look not good-looking, have temperament, it must be nice and good temperament, tie-in is relatively bright eye, when the answer is, because the whole design more tend to fashion, how we form collocation, how to increase the style is the one look like Wang Ou, for instance, with white element, cultivate one’s morality jacket show a waist line,Show a good figure, the second is to use a word skirt, also cultivate one’s morality design, this kind of outfit is relatively more plus white blouse and skirt, combined with the design of the chain, gold or silver, is a kind of light color style, we can choose white fastens on collocation high boots, leather ankle boots can also use three or seven points higher high,See collocation like what style high just like normal some style collocation of three points, seven like slant fashionable and spell able some styles to choose high more visual sense, cultivate one’s morality shirt + skirt, can be as a suit, the other a tie-in skill can also be a brief paragraph plus plus special fashion of white, nature is more suitable to wear at ordinary times, if this style exactly the Wang Ou one advanced or not,Collocation of style and what, in fact, the collocation of whole towards advanced, coupled with skilled mix build, would be more contrast, roll hair itself partial young sheep smell smell this white collocation, feeling a bit advanced natural breath, spring is coming, all kinds of subtraction look began to parse, if not parse what wear take to get to,You can also tell us in the comments area below, looking forward to friends to submit homework statement: picture editor Jiang Xiaoyu, text: BJ Jun original content editor M Jun review, content do not reprint without permission, plagiarism will be corrected