Today, the beginning of spring is the ancient “Spring Festival”, but the Spring Festival is called “New Year’s Day”?

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Hello everyone audience master, how is the Spring Festival ah, the holiday has passed half, there is no “every Spring Festival fat three catty”?Today is the fourth day of the lunar New Year, ushering in the “Beginning of Spring”, which is the first of the 24 solar terms. Do you think that the beginning of spring dares to sit on the top seat?According to the record, at least from the beginning of the zhou dynasty, has a “spring-heralding” ceremony, on spring day is three days before the spring begins, start fast, arrived ZhengRiZi, king to head thereof Dan leud doctor, eight miles to the east to greet the spring god, pray for the harvest, when you reward ministers, to enact a series of benefit policies.From top to bottom, “Start of Spring” gradually became a grand traditional festival, and from generation to generation, the whole people would hold spring welcome activities on this day.The son of Heaven has to personally show off, people needless to say, in addition to spring, spring, spring and so on related to the celebration of spring, to eat spring rolls, spring plate, spring box these food, called “biting spring” — “Spring” Du Fu spring plate lettuce, suddenly recall two Beijing plum.Dish out the gaomen line of white jade, dishes pass the hand to send hair.Wu Gorge cold River that pair of eyes, Du Ling distant visitors are very sad.This body unknown return place, call son to find paper a poem.The folk custom of “Biting spring” is vividly illustrated in the phrase “Thin lettuce in spring, remembering the plum hair in Beijing and Beijing”.Speaking of Du Fu’s life is really bumpy, the whole country is in the spring, only he is still “overwhelmed with sadness”.Spring begins and the date of a people’s popular activity – spring outing, also call for an outing, I most like found a poem: “how is insufficient to mould, spring outing good” (” sunrise east no.107 line “), and this is a poem of full-text praised the little sister, but you see the last two sentences, he said, enchanting charm of the little sister to singing, but I must get this spring boast a boast.Literati are so sour.Lu Ji, a great writer, was a lover of beauty, but he was not an emperor.Speaking of the emperor, The First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty was very keen on spring outing. The Chronicles of the First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty recorded that: “The emperor went on spring outing, traveling far away in the province.” He was the pioneer of combining work and rest while playing and inspecting work.So you see, the ancient spring, up to the right, the people, are very seriously, with a grand ceremony to welcome spring feeling, it is not just a solar term, is a traditional festival, serious “Spring Festival”, and we are of the first lunar month “Spring Festival”, the ancient called “New Year’s day”, meaning is the first day of a year, one yuan after beginning.It was not until after the Revolution of 1911 that, in order to be in line with international standards and for the convenience of statistics, the Gregorian calendar was used, so the “Spring Festival” hat was removed from the head of the beginning of Spring and put on the head of the first day of the first lunar month. Then we have the Spring Festival now, and the Gregorian calendar on January 1 as the first year of the New Year, called the New Year’s Day.I asked the teacher a particularly silly question, I said: teacher, the ancient Spring Festival is called the Lunar New Year’s Day, and the Spring Festival is called New Year’s Day, the ancients put the Gregorian calendar January 1 New Year’s Day, and what is called?The teacher on the spot was I asked meng, jilted to me a “are you stupid” eyes, said to me: nonsense, ancient which have the Gregorian calendar!Well, this is the beginning of spring, the Spring Festival, New Year’s day story, you audience master what to say to me, you can tell me below oh ~ we spring equinox goodbye!