Spring to the base | poetry and painting late ping

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On February 4, the fourth day of the first lunar month, a sunny day, the reporter walked into wanping village, Langtang Town, Xinhua County, and saw a beautiful picture of “people in flowers, roads in the scenery, houses in the woods, boats in the painting”.▲ Wanping Village Tourist Reception Center.”Wanping can have today’s transformation, in the final analysis, thanks to the party’s good policy, the village has a group of party members who really want to do practical things for the village.”Referring to the evening ping, a man dressed in red waistcoat sanitation uncle has something to say.▲ Visitors are staying in front of public toilets at Wanping Ferry.”As a matter of fact, the reason why Wanping is called the only ‘island’ in Xinhua is that the current was cut off when the Zhe xi power station was built in the early 1960s.”Sanitation uncle recalled that at that time, the lake flooded the farmland of wanping villagers, because they did not know “poverty leads to change”, blindly follow the ancestral motto of “relying on mountains and relying on water” to make a living, had been bound by poverty for many years.Until in recent years, under the correct leadership of the local Party Committee and government, the two village committees have integrated the idea of keeping pace with The Times into the landscape articles, combined the water ecological governance, restoration and protection with the whole area tourism, green tourism, ecological tourism, and focused on building the tourism industry, making wanping have tremendous changes.▲ On the fourth day of the first lunar month, Wanping became a holy land for tourists.”In 2015, wanping Village launched a pilot project to build a beautiful village, and fully implemented the ‘four major projects’ of infrastructure, industrial development, employment training and avoiding risks and solving difficulties. Problems such as drinking water, electricity, travel, housing and infrastructure have been gradually solved.”Night ping village party branch secretary of the liao people f is introduced, especially the AAA level scenic spot to build night ping village began in 2017, as the peasant night, harvesting, leisure fishing, water park, outdoor barbecue, farm work experience, and “hundreds of orchard”, base for pollution-free orchards and flower seedlings, rational development of pollution-free vegetable base, etc, a change to ping a year later,The village is beautiful, the environment is beautiful, the villagers’ life is better than year after year.The two village committees discussed future planning and construction.”Nowadays wanping, because of its superior geographical location and proper development, has attracted numerous citizens to come for sightseeing and tourism, such as’ Wanping Painting Scroll ‘, ‘Flower fairy Island’, ‘rich peony’, ‘misty green willow’ and other landscapes as well as 500 mu lotus pond.Wanping Village has become a veritable demonstration village of the whole province to promote the whole village. In the future, our village will take longwan Wetland Park and the construction of the province’s beautiful countryside as an opportunity, according to the natural conditions of wanping water around mountains, and do a good job in the word of water, so that it will become a pearl embedded in Longwan Wetland Park, shining.”Mr. Liao said.(By Peng Jianfeng, Qing Yuefei, Li Jiajiao)