Russian nuclear expert draws attention!Five people died in 11 days while helping south Asian countries build

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On the Internet, Bangladesh is often compared to Russia.Russia has 10 times as much arable land as Bangladesh, which is less than one percent the size of Russia but has 20 million more people.Bangladesh, once the world’s least developed country, has grown rapidly in recent years, leaving the ranks of least developed countries by the end of 2021.Facing the Bay of Bengal, a major maritime trade artery, Bangladesh has received investment from many countries and its economy has grown rapidly.Electricity is essential for agriculture and industry, so over the past decade Bangladesh has been developing its electricity industry, and now 93 percent of the country’s population has access to electricity.However, the current electricity cannot handle the large amount of industrial-grade electricity, and to continue to increase production, Bangladesh is targeting nuclear power.The Lupur nuclear power Station, Bangladesh’s first nuclear power plant, will have two generating units, each with a capacity of 1,200 megawatts and a 60-year service life for the main equipment without replacement.And lupur’s electricity costs are competitive with natural gas, coal and Indian electricity imports.The project will also create a lot of jobs, with more than 10,000 Bangladeshi workers reported to be employed and more than 3,000 foreigners on the project.As a fast-growing but immature economy, it is certainly unrealistic for Bangladesh to develop nuclear power entirely on its own.The first question is where will the money come from?In 2015, Russia entered the fray, signing an agreement to build two nuclear reactors in Bangladesh for a total investment of $12.65 billion.Russia has provided low-cost financing to Bangladesh, with loans accounting for 90% of the total investment, or about $11.4 billion.Bangladesh will repay the loan in full within 28 years, with a 10-year grace period.The lupur nuclear power plant, Bangladesh’s largest power project, has high hopes, with the first reactor expected to be up and running by 2023 and the second by 2024.In order to hand over a mature power project to Bangladesh, Rosatom will also be responsible for the first year of commercial operation and bear the fuel costs of the operation before handing it over to Bangladesh.Bangladesh itself has sought to fill the nuclear power talent gap by strengthening systematic learning in universities and sending its own experts and engineers to work closely with their Russian counterparts.Once the nuclear power plant is in operation, it is bound to effectively alleviate the energy gap.But recently there was a piece of news that caught our attention.From late January to early February, five Russian nuclear experts died in a row for 11 days.The five were experts who helped build the Lupur nuclear power plant. Rosatom is cooperating with bangladeshi police in the investigation.But in Russia, the mysterious deaths of the five experts have caused widespread public concern.It was noted that in a short period of 11 days, two people died in the same residential apartment building, two died while being treated at a medical centre and one died in his sleep.In terms of age, except for the oldest expert who is 59 years old, the other four experts are only in their 40s, which should be in the prime of life.Most bizarre of all, the Bangladeshi police said the autopsy report “showed nothing suspicious.”Russian media noted, for The Russian State atomic Energy Company, such a thing is not alone.Russian media mentioned that it was reminiscent of the crash near Petrozavodsk eight years ago, when five of Rosatom’s top experts on the construction of The Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran were killed.Last year, Russia also agreed with Bangladesh to strengthen cooperation in military and military technology.The Lupur nuclear power plant is one of rosatom’s landmark projects in South Asia, and Russia will show its ambition to build nuclear power plants in the whole region. Therefore, Russian media and Internet users are speculating about whose cake is being moved.