@ Jiangmen Retail Drugstore: Epidemic prevention is not lax. When customers go to the store to buy medicine, they must check these items!

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Retail pharmacies: The situation of epidemic prevention and control at home and abroad is still grim and complex recently. Local confirmed cases have appeared in many places in China. With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, people from all over the country will return more frequently.Therefore, drugstores undertake the sentinel monitoring task of epidemic prevention and control, and also face higher risk of infection, requiring stricter prevention and control measures.Due to the high population density and frequent movement of people in The city, retail pharmacies should enhance their awareness of epidemic prevention and control in their business sites, maintain a high degree of sensitivity and vigilance, actively organize their employees to get VACCINATED against COVID-19 and take regular nucleic acid tests, strictly and carefully implement epidemic prevention and control measures, and take the initiative to do a good job in epidemic prevention.Now we appeal to all retail pharmacies: 1. We should register yuekang code travel card punching function in public places, strengthen the protective measures in business places, and do a good job of customers entering the store and buying drugs, scanning code punching and leaving marks.2. Take the initiative to implement the measures of “three checks for customers when they arrive at the store” (” set a card at the door “or arrange full-time gatekeepers to check” wear masks, measure body temperature, show health code and travel card throughout the whole process “). Full-time gatekeepers shall not leave their posts to guide them to buy and sell drugs.Can not to temperature is 37.3 ℃ or higher or health code for “yellow code” “code red” personnel selling drugs, should guide is suspicious symptoms to buy medicine to nearby medical institutions set up fever clinics, fever clinic visits, and fill in the guidance COVID – 19 suspicious symptoms bought medicine staff attendance record “, guide “yellow code” customers to nearby nucleic acid testing point sampling.Those who find “red code” or suspicious drug purchase shall immediately report to the local prevention and control Command Office (” three-person team “in the community), keep records and cooperate with relevant work.3. The sales should be real-name registration report during the outbreak and drug catalogue (hereinafter referred to as the “directory”) drugs, pharmaceutical technical personnel should be asked about whether the catalogue of pharmaceuticals purchase customers have COVID – 190 big symptoms (fever, dry cough, fatigue, smell (taste) sleep loss, stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, muscle pain, diarrhea), within 14 days of living history, etc.,Relevant information will be recorded into “Sentinel Monitoring Platform of Epidemic Prevention and Control Drugstores of Guangdong Smart Drug Administration” (Guangdong Smart Drug Administration System), and drugs will be sold to customers if no system interception is triggered.4. Drugs network sales company sales catalogue of the drugs, shall be in accordance with the principle of “online” sales, check and make sure to buy medicine personnel id, phone number, address, health, travel card, body temperature, suspicious symptoms, such as real and effective information, examination certificate, may not be sold via the Internet way for fever personnel act as purchasing agency “directory” drugs;Failing to ensure the implementation of the above measures, drugs listed in the Catalogue shall not be sold through the Internet.5. Retail pharmacies in medium-high risk areas and closed control and control areas shall suspend the sale of Drugs in the Catalog, and drug online sales enterprises shall not sell and distribute drugs in the catalog to the counties (cities and districts) in the above-mentioned areas until they are restored to low-risk areas or relieved of management.6. Retail pharmacies should post the Guidelines for Purchasing Medicines for residents, The Catalogue, the list of nearby medical institutions (fever clinics and fever clinics), the contact information of community “three-person team” and other epidemic prevention and control notices in a prominent place in their business premises, and update the list of medium-high risk areas, local case-level cities and other epidemis-related areas daily.Drugstores within the supermarket shall also post the contact information of the supermarket management agency, and all prevention and control notices shall remain intact and not be blocked.Jiangmen Market Supervision Administration END on February 10, 2022