See the World, visit Changchun Nanhu Park

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The reality TV series “The World” is currently airing on CCTV.Nanhu Park, as the main location, is the largest park in changchun city.South Lake Park can be seen clearly from the air.Dumbbell-shaped, narrow from east to west, long from north to south.Leaning against the column on the nanhu Bridge, looking north, the eyes will appear a colorful picture, all kinds of pavilions back to the bridge and huguang forest color set each other off into a rhyme, people linger.Nanhu Park picturesque four seasons, the scenery is different, is a photographer and painting people frequented the place.Changchun Nanhu Park covers a total area of 238.6 hectares, including 92 hectares of water and 134.6 hectares of green space.The lake is the main area of Nanhu Park. The lake is surrounded by trees, and the lotus flowers are blooming in the lake. The island in the middle of the lake and the Siting Bridge in the jade belt are reflected in the distance.Three arch Bridges across the lake are unique and attractive.The lake water is clear in South Lake Park, the banks and willows hang green, winding Bridges and pavilions, ten steps a scene, different scenery.Among them, lotus Pond scenic spot has a long reputation and is the largest lotus viewing place in changchun city.Siting Bridge is the landmark building of Nanhu Park, which, like the guardian spirit of Nanhu, witnesses the growth process of Nanhu.Spring smell flowers fragrance, summer view cool wind to send cool, autumn product red leaves intoxicating, winter pine proud snow.South Lake Park four seasons unique scenery, wonderful different, attracting a large number of tourists to play.Source: Jilin Radio and Television Station