New head coach of Chinese Women’s Volleyball team1 factors into CAI Bin maximum power!Forming a new team faces two challenges

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On February 3, the volleyball Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China announced the appointment of CAI Bin as the new national women’s volleyball head coach.It has been 13 years since CAI Bin took up the coaching of the Chinese women’s volleyball team.It also means that the lang Ping era has come to an end and the new Chinese women’s volleyball team has entered the CAI Bin era.As a matter of fact, CAI Bin’s selection is not surprising. His ability to teach young players may be a factor in his appointment as the new head coach of the Chinese women’s Volleyball Team.Lang Ping announced her resignation as head coach of The Chinese women’s volleyball team after CAI Bin finished the Tokyo Olympics.Since then began preparations for the selection of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, but it was not until the 2021-2022 after the Chinese women’s volleyball team super league, the Chinese society platoon to arrange the selection on the agenda – January 10, the national women’s volleyball team head coach the hiring of announcement, and forming a panel of luxury lineup, including Chen zhonghe, lang ping, ya-wen, sheng fulin, coaches.There are three requirements for the new marshal: first, political quality, second, business ability, and third, clear training ideas.In terms of professional ability, it is required to understand the current situation and development trend of international women’s volleyball.Familiar with the situation of domestic women volleyball players, have a clear idea of team formation.Obviously, Jiangsu women’s volleyball coach CAI Bin advantage is more obvious.In fact, during the Shaanxi National Games, CAI Bin in an interview with CCTV reporter, euphemistic words, obviously at that time has been moved by the position of coach of The Chinese women’s volleyball team.CAI Bin led Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team to win the league championship and the National Games championship. In the new season, she fought all the way to win the second place in the league in spite of the absence of captain Zhang Changning and the replacement of a large number of team members. Especially in the training of wu Mengjie, Wan Ziyue and other young players, CAI Bin was obviously more courageous.This is perhaps the biggest boost to his appointment as coach of The Chinese women’s volleyball team.In on-the-spot command, CAI Bin’s performance has also been praised, from the All-Star game to the new season league, CAI Bin’s on-the-spot adjustment ability has been recognized by many fans.Although the Chinese women’s Volleyball team lost 2-3 in the group stage of the Tokyo Olympic Games and ranked ninth in the end, according to The judgment of Lang Ping, the Chinese women’s volleyball team did not enter the trough, but still showed improvisational performance.Clearly, in Lang ping’s eyes, the Chinese women’s volleyball team is still the best in the world.Now the Era of CAI Bin has begun, and The Chinese women’s Volleyball team has officially entered the transition between the new and the old.After 13 years of coaching the National Women’s Volleyball Team, CAI Bin’s dream has obviously not been fulfilled. This time, CAI Bin is in charge of the national Women’s Volleyball Team again. How to lead the National Women’s volleyball team back to the top of the world is his biggest goal.In terms of the establishment of the new Chinese women’s Volleyball team, CAI Bin will face two major challenges — one is who will take charge of the core?Yan Ni and Liu Xiaotong announced their retirement one after another, Lin Li failed to register for the league, Zhu Ting’s wrist injury has not yet undergone surgery, and Zhang Changning is recovering.In the case of Zhu Ting’s injury, who will assume the core of the Chinese women’s volleyball team?Could it be Zhang Changning?Or to train Li Yingying as the core of the new Chinese women’s volleyball team?Of course, if Zhu Ting king return, naturally do not need to consider these.Second, how to update the new Chinese women’s volleyball team, which veteran players will stay and which newcomers will be selected?How to choose ding Xia, Yao Di and Diao Linyu?Wu Mengjie, Wang Yizhu, Wang Yifan and other young stars who will be finalists?Let’s wait and see.After all, CAI Bin will face a test in 2022. He is needed to lead the Chinese women’s Volleyball team to achieve good results at the Asian Games in Hangzhou and the World Women’s Volleyball Championships.Of course, the first opponent of China’s Women’s Volleyball team in the 2022 World Women’s Volleyball League is the Netherlands, which will be CAI Bin’s debut!What do you think?Welcome to comment.