Kan Qingzi recent photo exposure, bask in jade diamond ring low-key luxury, said the ring is done

2022-07-12 0 By

Kan recently posted on her social media that her New Year gift, a huge tourmaline ring, is a very high-end jade, 20 carats, even without the filter, the ring gives a beautiful feeling.Kan Qingzi introduced the gem that he is wearing to the net friend, she likes this kind of contracted and elegant design very much, look from the photo, it is very low-key very luxurious really.After magnifying, kan Qingzi’s ring flank, still have a string of diamond, although have an actress to say, broken diamond is not valuable, but also do not affect her appearance level, this string of diamond, won’t be cheap absolutely.Kan also said in the comments section, this is customized, not like a brand.Kan Qingzi 33 years old this year, although in the entertainment circle is not very active, but she is qiongyao actress after all, whether it is the level of appearance or acting, are one of the best, although not very hot, but there are some classic works.Kan Qingzi posted a picture of the beginning of Spring on weibo before. Although she did not make up, her appearance was not bad. Her facial features were exquisite and she matched the luxurious interior decoration, which showed that kan Qingzi’s living standard was quite good.In the photo, the coat that Kan Qingzi wears is worth ten thousand, not cheap at all.See from kan Qingzi’s selfie, her car is very high-grade, light is that convertible car, know the value is not cheap.Kan Qingzi since the career, the biggest scandal, probably is her relationship with the predecessor ji Lingchen, at that time, many people are still mocking ji Lingchen is not by kan Qingzi “eat soft rice”, but their relationship, who also do not know.As a successful female star, Kan Qingzi’s life is not bad, she has been working hard these years, without any hype, only rely on their own ability, no one will say anything.