The female leader of an all-female terrorist cell has been arrested in the United States, planning to attack American universities

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Alison Fluk-Eklund, 42, has been charged with providing material support to a terrorist organization, prosecutors in Alexandria announced Monday.The Associated Press reports that the woman joined islamic State and led an all-female battalion of AK-47 fighters who wanted to attack American universities.Prosecutors said Fluk-Eklund wanted to recruit terrorists to attack a US university and discussed a terrorist attack on a shopping mall.According to an FBI affidavit, she told a witness that she “considered any attack that didn’t kill a large number of people to be a waste of resources.”According to an AFFidavit by an FBI agent, Mr. Fluk-eklund became the leader of an Islamic State cell in Raqqa, Syria, in late 2016.The all-female unit is armed with AK-47s, grenades and suicide belts.The affidavit cites the opinions of six different witnesses, some accused of terrorism offences and others held in prison camps for former Members of the Islamic State.A detention memo filed Jan. 28 by First Assistant U.S. Attorney Raj Parekh noted that Fluke-Eklund even trained children in the use of assault rifles, and that at least one witness saw one of Fluke-Eklund’s five – and six-year-old children with a gun in his home in Syria.”For many years, Mr. Fluk-eklund was a fanatical follower of ISIS’s radical terrorist ideology and traveled to Syria to engage in or support violent jihad.Luck-eklund translated her extremist beliefs into action, serving as the designated leader and organizer of an ISIS military battalion, directly training women and children to use AK-47 assault rifles, grenades and suicide belts in support of islamic State murder targets.”Parek wrote.Ms. Fluk-eklund moved to Egypt in 2008 and spent the next three years shuttling back and forth between Egypt and the United States, according to court documents.Prosecutors believe she moved to Syria around 2012, where her husband was killed in a terrorist attack in early 2016.Later that year, she married a Bangladeshi ISIS member who specialized in drones, but he died in late 2016 or early 2017.Four months after the man’s death, Fluk-Eklund remarried a nation of Islam leader.In 2018, Ms. Fluk-eklund told a witness that she instructed someone in Syria to tell her family she was dead, believing that the United States government would not be able to find her, according to Mr. Perek’s memo.Court documents do not say how Fluk-Eklund was arrested or how long she was in custody before being handed over to the FBI on January 28.Fluk-eklund is scheduled to make his first appearance in U.S. District Court in Alexandria on Monday.Column chief editor: Qin Hong The author of this article: Extreme news text editor: Lu Xiaochuan photo source: above view photo