Prosperity!Four new media accounts and three new media works of Xingtai Public Security bureau were praised by the provincial government

2022-07-11 0 By

Recently, the provincial Department announced the results of 2021 provincial Public Security outstanding new media accounts and excellent new media works, and four new media accounts and three new media works in our city were praised by the provincial department.Excellent provincial Public Security Affairs Weibo: @Xingtai Public Security Network spokesperson;Excellent new media accounts of provincial Public Security (video) : “Xingtai Special Police” Douyin Account, “Shahe Traffic Police” Douyin Account;Provincial public Security outstanding We-media account: wechat public account of “Order Policran”;Provincial Public Security Excellent New media Work (text) : “Don’t touch me, I’m Dirty!”;The provincial public security outstanding works of new media (image) : the company of “across time | traffic from the whistle, the baton to wisdom”.Excellent new media work of provincial Public Security (video) : “Recently, Xingtai, Hebei province, the special police who supported Nangong triumphantly, his family greeted him at the gate, the scene was moving!”.In 2021, the city’s public security new media matrix under the strong leadership of provincial public security department, the city bureau of the party committee, closely around the “plastic image, strengthening the bear spirit brilliance” advocate tone, continue to promote the public security of new media, through building mechanism, a strong team, wide promotion, deep application of around global center work, give full play to its function, improving continuously the new media capacity of public security,It has made a positive contribution to spreading the positive energy of public security.In the next step, Xingtai public Security will cherish the honor, forge ahead, continue to promote the publicity work of public security, transfer the positive energy of public security, sing the song of righteousness of police battalion, further expand the propaganda position, expand the radiating influence, create more excellent works, and comprehensively display the good image of Xingtai public security.Email: