Police incarnation “ice dun dun” in the hearts of the masses “snow rong rong”

2022-07-11 0 By

Four hours of continuous fighting the police are dipped in a sweat breathe the frost, let they incarnate one lovely “ice mound mound” storm rescue site, like the “sports field of ice and snow” won the special and they struggle and stick to the “game” on February 5, 2022, the fifth day, the low temperature ice and snow are once again swept across the northeast district.Howling cold wind and flying snow all over the sky led to reduced visibility, snow and ice on the road surface and worse traffic environment in Huolingole city, Tongliao.At about 8 o ‘clock in the evening, police officers who were driving police cars received instructions: “This is the 110 command center of Holingol City Public Security Bureau. We have just received a report that there are vehicles trapped in the middle of Huite tourist highway. Please go to the disposal immediately.”After receiving the police, the police immediately rushed to the site.But the snowstorm forced the police to slow down and drive carefully.After more than 20 minutes of difficult forward, finally in more than 30 kilometers away from the city of the trapped vehicle.And the situation of the scene, far more complex than the police imagine……A total of three vehicles were trapped at the scene, one heavy truck was blocked by snow and two other SUVs skidded off the road to avoid the blocked truck.It is during the Spring Festival travel rush, the traffic flow increases, if not handled in time, it is easy to have multiple car collisions, the consequences are unimaginable.The drivers called the police after failing to save themselves.When the police arrived, several hours had passed since the accident, and the drivers were cold and hungry. The police immediately sent them food and hot water prepared in advance, and comforted them by saying, “If you are ok, don’t worry, the car will be handed over to us.”A police officer immediately sent the drivers to a city hospital for further examination.Later, the police rescue the trapped vehicles, according to the situation on the scene, develop a preliminary plan, after doing a good job in the scene security protection, the exact location of the accident sent to the rescue department, quickly mobilize the forklift.At the same time in order to let the trapped people out of the trap as soon as possible, the police according to the situation at that time, with a shovel to clear the snow, and then with the tow rope drag, the first two trapped SUV rescued, and then with the forklift truck will be rescued.It took four hours to rescue three stranded vehicles.After dealing with the scene, the police rushed to the hospital, at this time the drivers have recovered, heard the police successfully rescue the vehicle, excitedly holding the police’s hand expressed heartfelt thanks, that moment the crowd laugh, just like the warm “snow rong Rong”, melted the cold!We are with you on the snowy road