Female soccer anchor, Spring Festival Gala is popular all over the country!The appearance level temperament is very good, the audience is very good and praised very beautiful

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On January 31, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala was staged as scheduled on New Year’s Eve.For soccer fans, the gala seems to have a sense of pride, and that pride comes from its host, Ma Fanshu.On CCTV, Ma fanshu rose to fame on CCTV5 sports channel’s flagship program “World Soccer”, so it can be said that she went from CCTV5 to CCTV1.As early as the end of 2014, Ma Fanshu began his hosting career on “World Football”.At the beginning, the audience also had some controversy about her. Some people liked Ma Fanshu’s appearance level and thought she could add female elements to such a program.There were also questions about whether Marvansu knew anything about football, whether he was a “trophy” or used the show as a springboard.Years have proved that Ma Fanshu did not take “world football” as a career springboard, but all the way down.Ma Fan shu in the “world football” to maintain a high “attendance rate”, her business ability during this more progress, temperament is also more than a mature.Fans will miss her return during her absence from the show.In addition to “World Soccer”, Ma fanshu has participated in the Asian Cup, World Cup and Olympic related programs at CCTV5.Over time, the controversy faded away, leaving more praise.Ma Fanshu and Yang Mingming, two young female anchors, are a hit with viewers on a channel that is more male-dominated.A few days before the Spring Festival Gala, CCTV announced the list of performers, and when fans of the sports channel saw Ma as one of the hosts, they said they would pay special attention to this year’s gala because of her.With the official performance of the Spring Festival Gala, Ma Fanshu’s performance did not disappoint those who supported her.Throughout the Spring Festival Gala, Ma Fanshu did not have the nervousness of a young host, and her hosting performance was very bright, attracting the attention of the national audience.During the live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala, more and more viewers began to talk about Ma Fanshu on the Internet. Everyone thought that her appearance and temperament were excellent. Ma Fanshu also topped the hot search list on Weibo and other media that night.On the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, Ma Fanshu showed not only the level of appearance, body these external conditions, her hosting professional can also be reflected.In a popular way, ma Fanshu is very popular with the audience.Hosting the gala for the first time, Ma fanshu was so successful that even viewers who don’t usually follow sports channels praised her as CCTV’s “treasure girl.”In fact, this is not the first time for Ma Fanshu to appear on the gala stage. In a behind-the-scenes show, Ma revealed that he once performed the opening song of the Gala as a member of the Communication University chorus in his freshman year.Perhaps because of this experience, ma Fanshu and Spring Festival gala fate.When she appeared in the Spring Festival Gala again, she was already an excellent host.Interestingly, Ma almost turned down the job at first.According to Nig Maiti, another host of the gala, Ma almost hung up on the phone after initially mistaying the call from the gala’s director as a takeaway delivery man.Fortunately, she did not miss the opportunity to make a stunning appearance during the live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala.Ma Fanshu, who was born in November 1993, is not yet 29.At such an age to host such an important party of national concern, Ma Fanshu can be said to be the first person to host after 90!With this successful experience, Ma Vanshu’s career is bound to take another step up.Fans expect better from her, but they also expect her not to leave the sports channel.Perhaps in the coming years, we will see Ma Fanshu on the Spring Festival Gala stage many times