Red leaf Persimmon rock plays the “Song of Spring”

2022-07-10 0 By

Zibo, February 26 – With the screams, cheers and shouts coming from the glass water slide, red leaf persimmon rock played the “song of spring” tourism.In the morning of February 26, red leaves persimmon rock tourist area “year of the Tiger step by step” hiking activities officially launched, nearly 10,000 tourists poured into the scenic area, for the spring outing market opened an injection of “stimulant”.Reporters at the scene to see, scenic spot ticket gate, sightseeing station, project attractions, although many tourists, but the scene orderly, laughter one after another, lively, popularity and joy index synchronous pull full.This scene is the beginning of the red leaf Persimmon Rock scenic area’s aim to improve service and enhance satisfaction this year.It is worth mentioning that the year of the Tiger head piao as about to the glass slide back to persimmon rock C, gurgling water, wonderful successive performances.The rapids turn down and the laughter lingers in the mountains. The full score of the experience is “especially fun and exciting!””Too good, but also want to float again!”Persimmon rafting all the tourists “praise list”, received frequent praise, is to stimulate, carefree, happy play experience, constantly refresh the tourists’ entertainment expectations.In order to ensure the smooth holding of the first day of the spring outing, the scenic spot tightened the safety protection string, did a good job of health code inspection and fire inspection, regularly carried out epidemic prevention and elimination, multiple measures to ensure the safety of tourists.At the same time, each point of the scenic spot is fixed, special personnel, real-time traffic dredging and traffic guidance, to ensure that the majority of tourists orderly tour.Warm spring breeze, inspiring.Red leaves persimmon rock spring tourism curtain has been opened, the future scenic spot will be eye-absorbing product content, immersive experience, personalized customized services continue to release surging spring energy, to provide more comfortable tourism experience for the majority of tourists.Dazhong Daily Rong Media Center reporter Yang Chao li Chaoying Hou Zongliang correspondent Nie Kun