Car Guide | Sedan, SUV or MPV which is more comfortable and how to choose?

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On the comfort of the car, we will analyze the specific reasons.First: chassis suspension is different under normal circumstances, the suspension spring and shock absorption cylinder of the car is relatively short compared with the SUV, that is to say, when we drive on the road, the turbulence of the SUV is stronger than the car, so the smoothness of the SUV is not high, and the car is not comfortable.Second: the reason for the good stability of the car is very simple. Compared with THE SUV, the car has a lower center of gravity, so the stability of the car will be higher when driving, especially when driving at high speed.In the real scene, we will encounter, in the speed of more than 100 horses, can obviously feel SUV models at high speed when the emergency brake more or less will have the feeling of floating.First: driving different sitting position we know that the sitting position of the car leg Angle is slightly back, similar to half lying, so it will not lead to fatigue of the waist and legs.And THE SITTING position of THE SUV is more straight, so the long time will be numb.So sedans are more comfortable than SUVs.Which is more comfortable, sedan, SUV or MPV?Objectively speaking, if passengers experience MPV, the comfort is the highest, from the product itself, MPV is focused on business comfort.From the driver’s point of view, the MPV is the most difficult to drive.Pay attention to “Pipi Car”, “trolley life car” public account, decode more car buying tips.Choose car guide | cars, suvs and MPV which is more comfortable How to choose?_ News and information _ Pipi Car