After efforts will be beautiful

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“Growing up is something everyone has to go through. Falling down or working hard is a personal choice.”Training method Dumbbell flat front: Target muscle: anterior deltoid muscle synergy muscle: brachioradialis joint activity: shoulder joint flexion Body position:Hold the dumbbells in front of the thighs with fists facing each other, keep elbows open, wrists neutral, feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, pelvis neutral, abdomen tight, waist straight and slightly straight, shoulder blades tightened and straps lowered, chest straight, eyes looking ahead.Breathing: up and down, hold each breath for 2-4 seconds.How to do it: Inhale to prepare, exhale deltoid muscle to force the big arm lift dumbbell forward parallel to or slightly above the shoulder, elbow not locked, wrist neutral, palm down.Inhale, return the dumbbell to the starting position with the big arm controlled by the deltoid. Keep your elbows open, your wrists neutral, and the dumbbell away from your body.Precautions: Do not hold your chest, shrug your shoulders, and swing your body back and forth (protection action: the back hand supports the elbow joint)