Tottenham hotspur VS Southampton Can Tottenham Hotspur keep picking up points at home?

2022-07-09 0 By

Match review: Burnley v Manchester United yesterday, burnley were really good at home, holding a strong Manchester united side to remain unbeaten at home for the sixth consecutive league season.In the other game fulham VS Millwall, championship leaders Fulham hit bottom and extended their lead with a comfortable home win over Millwall.The home side tottenham in the near future in the league cup and engineers are not so good, they were almost three times in the face of Chelsea, Chelsea got a net negative during five goals, but the good news is that in the face of other competitors, tottenham’s performance is good, in the nearly two months time, in addition to face Chelsea, tottenham are unbeaten in the rest of the game,After Son heung-min’s return, the team beat Brighton in the FA Cup and advanced to the fifth round.Southampton are 12th in the league with 5 wins, 10 draws and 7 defeats. They have a low win rate but a high draw rate.A slight disadvantage has been their away form, particularly in defence, where they are conceding more than two goals per game, but they have been on a good run, eight unbeaten in their last ten games, including a draw at Manchester City, and they look good against the top teams.Analysis: Compared to previous seasons, tottenham’s form this season is slightly improved, with one or two games less, they are still seventh in the league and have every chance to improve with two games.Southampton in all competitions are recently showed a good state, nearly eight games in addition to the loss to the Wolf, other matches are unbeaten, among them away with west ham, draw at home to spurs and put an end to the city’s winning streak, this let a person see the great battle ability, so might as well watch the spurs home up to win the game.Core recommendation: Let even negative