On the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, remember to eat 4 food and do 2 things. Don’t miss the old tradition

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On the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, “Man’s Day Festival” bear in mind “eat 4 food to do 2 things”, the old tradition don’t miss, the day of peace and prosperity time slipped away day by day, in the blink of an eye to the seventh day of the Chinese New Year.The seventh day of the first lunar month is a small festival in the traditional big festival, the Spring Festival. It is said that this day is the human’s birthday, also known as “Victory Day”, “Celebration Day”, “population Day”, “seven days of man” and so on.According to folklore, Nu Wa created the world and created all living things in the world. On the first day, she made chicken, dog, pig, sheep, ox, horse and man on the fourth day. On the seventh day, she created man, so this day is the birthday of our human beings.As you know, every day before and after the Spring Festival, we have different standards, that is, what we want to inherit.The seventh day of the Chinese New Year is the traditional “man’s Day”, so what do we eat and do on the seventh day?A lot of young people probably don’t understand.Here and we said in detail, Lao a Lao, first said that we Chinese New Year seven traditional customs, on this day we want to eat these four kinds of food, do these two things, in order to pray in this year smoothly dangdang, peace and health!A: stand pancake stand pancake is the tradition of our shandong hometown, the seventh day 鏊子 support in the yard, flipping pancake cooking pancake, stand pancake steaming higher the better, also known as “smoked day”, a symbol of good luck.In many places, there is a custom of eating noodles on the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, which means to wrap the legs of the years with noodles and take the meaning of longevity to pray for the health and longevity of the family.3: catch fish fish fish is some parts of the southern customs, some areas in the south, there are in the human date festival has the custom of “fish”, catch fish, often many people surrounded a, pour the fish, the ingredients and sauce in the market, everyone stood up, waved chopsticks, agitation, the fish mouth unceasingly shout: “get!Scoop!Hair ah!Hair!””, and to get higher and higher, to show a promotion.Four: eat seven treasure soup in chaoshan area have the practice of eating seven treasure soup, with seven vegetables made of the soup, when the human day to eat, has the meaning of good luck.Do 2 things, they are: send the god of fire in our parts of Shandong, there is the custom of sending torches, with crop straw binding torches, lit in front of their own door, has been sent to the village, meaning to drive out the fire, pray in the New Year, safe and smooth.Wearing wins wearing wins, people day festival, many girls will use colored paper, silk, soft gold and silver and other materials made of flowers, small shape, wear on the head or stick in the screen and other places, in order to pray for more and more beautiful.Now this custom has rarely been taken seriously, your family will do so?On the seventh day of the New Year, we common people in the “day of man” various customs and habits, are a reflection of our common people for life to pray for nagy and seek peace security wishes, as well as respect for “people” itself.Many customs of our traditional festivals need to be inherited by each of us, so that children can also enjoy the happiness of our traditional festivals!Also let our life more hope and hope!Thank you for reading my food articles, which will be updated every day, including time-saving breakfast, Chinese food, pastry, baking, jam, sorbet, dessert, etc. Welcome to visit.Like my various homely food please like ~ share ~ collect ~ concern ~ I wait for you here ~~ original xuefeng er, theft will be investigate!!