There are so many crafts and stories behind the “cooking artifact” that has accompanied Fengxian for several generations

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Talking about orders “artifact” we serve sage will naturally think of DingFeng fermented bean curd As a well-deserved national time-honored brand “DingFeng fermented bean curd” in fengxian is a household name Winter morning Boil a pot of hot white porridge White porridge with a small piece of DingFeng fermented bean curd His mouth immediately fresh salty overflowing Small fermented bean curd bearing the countless people a childhood memorySmall make up today is to introduce to you this way has been accompanied by several generations of the tip of the tongue The source of the DingFeng fermented bean curd 01 DingFeng fermented bean curd Founded in 1864, Shanghai DingFeng brewing food co., LTD. Is the district’s oldest of one of the enterprises While DingFeng of fermented bean curd “Xiao Dingfeng” create three years of qing dynasty stagnation Xiao Weiguo formerly zhejiang haiyan businessmanFermented bean curd workshop opened in Shanghai xinzhuang town And then “Xiao Dingfeng” moved to east fengxian occurrence of the town Xiao Languo also set up a joint venture in fengxian, founder of the fermented bean curd factory “Xiao Dingfeng” also officially changed to “DingFeng” with a unique process and delicious flavor DingFeng fermented bean curd gradually from fengxian to the country And in fengxian people mindThere is another about DingFeng fermented bean curd the classic tale of “fermented bean curd into Beijing” from one fengxian Chen officials Occasional taste in the home visit DingFeng fermented bean curd The taste very beautiful Donative colleagues will bring some back to the capital city Who know colleagues after tasting all think is the best preserved beancurd So we have informed traders In succession to fengxian occurrence of purchase shipped DingFeng fermented bean curdDingFeng bosses the chance to do a piece of red paint signs saying “besides hanging in the shop, fermented bean curd” four characters So far “fermented bean curd into Beijing” reputation when 02 DingFeng process of fermented bean curd DingFeng fermented bean curd is soya bean and glutinous rice as raw material In tofu after fermented A fermented bean curd production going through some pulp, blocking, fermentation, such as curing up to 54 working procedureIt takes half a year for the finished bean curd to be divided into red bean curd, white bean curd and color bean curd. There are three kinds of red bean curd with red and brown color.Fine texture techniques White fermented bean curd including bad fermented bean curd, fermented bean curd and white oil Rich smell And design and color is fermented bean curd is named after the ingredients On the taste is also more in keeping with Shanghai Like eating sweet salty flavor characteristics DingFeng fermented bean curd is receiving the idea of “finalists, making new taste” Continuously with the reform of traditional fermented bean curd production techniques while loved by consumersThe main product has won national awards for many times. 03 different ways to eat tofu, the simplest way to eat tofu is rice soaked with tofu. Fragrant rice with a few pieces of tofu can make you feel happy and satisfied.And/or rich Especially suitable for the winter to eat In addition to If it is a plain noodle, clear soup noodles Put on a few piece of fermented bean curd At the same time an appetite Simple noodles as if also had fireworks aroma DingFeng taste with time of a few generations Although already over the lack of time But the memories are still taste like small make up in mindIt is better to buy a few pieces of Dingfeng fermented beancurd and savor the taste of this exclusive taste of Fengxian