Spring Festival holiday!Zhenjiang Public Security “seven strengthening” to promote criminal public security traffic police situation “three decline”

2022-07-08 0 By

During the Spring Festival of 2022, Zhenjiang Branch of Shaoguan Public Security Bureau firmly implemented the requirements of district Committee, District government and Municipal Public Security Bureau on security and stability maintenance of Spring Festival and Winter Olympics.Strengthen front-line command, strict supervision and implementation;Strengthen inspection and rectification to eliminate risks and hidden dangers;Strengthen patrol prevention and control, build a solid defense line;Strengthen security for the Spring Festival travel rush to ensure smooth roads;Strengthen epidemic prevention and control to ensure that nothing goes wrong;Strengthen the ‘masses of for the feast, the public security pass’ responsibility to bear seven reinforcement measures, efforts to protect the people protect peaceful “global people (auxiliary) p energetic energy, Benedict is not idle, carry forward the” defend is aimin, brave adventurers, dedicated, dashing “Zhen jiang spirit of public security, mind” head “of countries, heart is” lights “, day and night fighting in the Spring Festival, the games are security and epidemic prevention and control the first line,Zhenjiang with their own “hard index” to promote the “safety index” of zhenjiang district, give up their “small home together” to protect the masses of the “reunion”, to ensure that the overall situation of social security in the region continued peace and stability, for the people to celebrate the Spring Festival to create a peaceful, stable and orderly social security environment.According to statistics, during the seven-day Spring Festival holiday, the public Security department of Zhenjiang has deployed more than 2,000 police personnel to fulfill their duties. It is committed to implementing various work including community patrol, troubleshooting and resolving conflicts and disputes, eliminating potential safety risks, preventing traffic jams, cracking down on illegal activities and crimes, and strengthening epidemic prevention and control.The total number of police incidents decreased 35.36 percent year-on-year.Among them, the number of criminal security police decreased by 75% year on year, realizing the number of criminal security police “double decline”.Traffic police situation decreased 23.56% year on year, no traffic fatalities occurred, and the road traffic and scenic spots under the jurisdiction were in good order.During the Spring Festival, the civil (auxiliary) police carried out extensive practice activities of “I do practical things for the masses”, and solved more than 60 difficult matters for the masses to do practical things and do good deeds.Next, the bureau will seriously sum up the Spring Festival security and stability maintenance work experience, continue to force, all police mobilization, go all out to do a good job in the Beijing Winter Olympics, Winter Paralympics and the national “two sessions” security and stability maintenance work, and always maintain the spirit of “chuang”, “fight” and “do” style, pay close attention to the implementation of all work,Zhenjiang to maintain the overall social peace and stability of the real results to meet the party’s twenty victory.