Reclamation hot work, fruit and vegetable, tourism group so planning 2022 work

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On February 7th, members of the leading group, senior executives, heads of all departments and deputy staff of the group gathered together to talk about the development of the hot industry, internal management, party construction, enterprise culture construction and industrial development prospects.Conference site.Liu Miao taken the meeting stressed that the New Year, we must strengthen the idea of “chess”, unified thought, strengthen the executive power, as actively, focusing on the main business, laying solid foundation development, seize the hainan significant historical opportunity for the construction of free trade port, strengthen the sense of crisis and urgency, ran out of the “acceleration”, going all out sprint “start”, promote hot-work industry group to realize leap-forward development.We should stick to the people-centered principle, stand together and work together with the masses of workers, comprehensively improve their work skills, strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, further enhance team cohesion and sense of belonging, and make the masses of workers have a greater sense of gain, happiness and security.(Liu Miao) Haiken Fruit and Vegetable Group On February 7th, Haiken Fruit and Vegetable Group held the Spring Festival reception meeting and the recent key work arrangement meeting, requiring all the staff of the company to quickly get out of the State of the Spring Festival holiday, focus on the work, immediately enter the state of struggle, seriously pay attention to the implementation of the work throughout the year.Conference site.The meeting emphasized that 2022 is an important year for haiken Fruit and vegetable Group to improve quality and efficiency and develop with great strides. The company should concentrate its efforts and seize the important development opportunity period tightly. Centering on the industrial pattern of Haiken Group, according to the development plan of Haiken fruit and vegetable industry in the “14th Five-year plan” and the key work arrangement of the company in 2022,Adhering to the general tone of keeping stability as the top priority and making progress while maintaining stability, we will rapidly promote industrial integration and project advancement.To continuously strengthen planting, processing management, marketing management, constantly improve the internal management, strengthen cost control, risk prevention and control, constantly promote the party’s construction, strengthen the disciplinary and supervisory work and so on, to further refine KPI assessment tasks at the same time, will be decomposed to department responsibility, decomposition to the people, to do it is the responsibility of everyone, everyone has stress.We should continue to uphold the spirit of making every effort to seize the day and make every effort to be the first to promote Haiken Fruit and vegetable Group in the track of high quality development and sustainable development.(tang kun) sea reclamation in February travel group in July, the sea reclamation accepting heart conference tourism group organization the management staff, require all the cadres and workers to do false accepting heart, income, and convert the excitement and relaxation of the feast to do a good job of the sense of urgency, the sense of responsibility, with good mental outlook and full enthusiasm into the work in the New Year.Conference site.It was pointed out at the meeting that haiyang should take the initiative to carry out the key tasks for the year 2022, focusing on the industrial structure of Haiyang Group, innovating working ideas, focusing on the company’s main business, strengthening the integrated development of land reclamation, and carrying out the key tasks at the latest.All departments and subordinate units should further refine and implement key tasks to open a new chapter for 2022.To innovate ideas, focus on marketing work, strive to create a new situation of the company’s economic development;The work of the second Blue Ocean Tropical Cherry Blossom Festival in 2022 should be carefully planned to boost tourism development in western Hainan.(Wu Jing) Statement: reprint or quote this official news, please indicate the source and original author.Edit | Liang Ning editor | WuQiRong duty director | Gao Ying