Zhanyi District Bole Township: seize the post-holiday employment “golden period” recruitment “corridor” into a hot spot

2022-07-07 0 By

In the New Year, in order to coordinate economic and social development and epidemic prevention and control work, and ensure that migrant workers can smoothly return to work after the Holiday, Bole township held a large-scale job fair in market town on February 9. The “corridor” style job fair has become a recruitment hot spot in the past year.The job fair site was crowded with people. Applicants came to consult for jobs one after another in front of each recruitment booth. The staff were busy distributing information, enthusiastically introducing employment needs and salary to job seekers, patiently answering their questions and registering job information.In this job fair, there are 11 enterprises with high welfare benefits from Fuzhou city, Fujian Province, providing more than 5,000 positions in more than 30 categories, involving technical operation, production management, food processing, logistics and transportation, marketing and sales, and other industries. The average salary is more than 4,500 yuan.The job fair attracted more than 300 workers to consult, and distributed more than 2,000 publicity materials such as employment policy interpretation, entrepreneurship guide and job information.Since this year, sowing joy township will party history study education results converted to service the masses and the flow dynamics of the enterprise, organization volunteer service of employment, improving recruitment service ability, through the period of rural labor transfer employment (casc), actively coordinate quality enterprises docking, release more reliable and more secure employment information, according to different business needs,We have actively set up recruitment and job hunting platforms, enabling enterprises that attract investment to have face-to-face and heart-to-heart exchanges with job seekers, effectively resolving the prominent contradiction between people’s difficulty in finding jobs and enterprises’ difficulty in hiring workers, and consolidating and improving the good results achieved in ensuring stable employment.Up to now, Bole township has held four special job fairs, connected with more than 90 relatively high treatment enterprises, provided a total of more than 15,000 posts in and outside the province, and organized the transfer of labor force two batches of more than 150 people.In the next step, Bole Township will continue to take stable employment as the biggest livelihood project, as an effective way to increase people’s income and consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, centering on the scale and organization of labor transfer employment, actively docking all kinds of employment posts, and steadily advancing the transfer employment of rural labor.Correspondent Guo Shuanghong